We paused our services to you to agree with Ecocarrier Inc. on how to serve you better. Today, we resume serving you having agreed with Ecocarrier. Recall that we give rainwater harvesting systems, toilets, reusable sanitary towels and medical services (gifts) to all villages and schools (nominees) that members of public (MOP) nominate for the gifts –– we give one […]

our future is in our hands, literally

Do Good with DuGut™ ie: choose a cause that you care about; match the cause to SDG (Sustainable Development Goals); scan with your phone products that you purchase –– you will be rewarded for this; and, donate your reward to your cause You could choose to do item one only, and others will do the rest.

Scan ads in offline 4GoodMarketplace with your phone to see when the village or school you care about will benefit from 4Good project –– offline 4GoodMarketplace is any leading local newspaper with 4Good strip at bottom of its front page

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4good front page strip

Offline 4Good marketplace (illustrated in photo above) is the usual leading newspaper but with a green strip at bottom of front page. One of pages in offline 4Good marketplace is looks like the photo below. Ads in the 4Good play videos on phones when they (ads) are pointed at with the phones. Through offline 4Good […]

Regard for poverty eradication of Chief Temitope Ajayi (Mama Diaspora) has reached a new high — now, she’s set to partner RaHa Solutions in persuading businesses in Africa to WasteNoAds as a means of supporting Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). On top of what she brings to the WasteNoAds campaign is her 25+years of experience as […]

“Let’s Honour Our Cleaners with a Selfie of Thanks and Thumbs Up encouragement this World Toilet Day,” says WTO Founder Jack Sim.Step #1 Take Selfie with your favourite Toilet CleanerStep #2 Post on social media and hashtag #HonourOurCleaners Step #3 Tell your friends to do the same on 19 Nov UN World Toilet Day!

Reports to: RAHA TEAM LEADER Location: Nairobi, Kenya; Kampala, Uganda; Adis Ababa, Ethiopia or Lilongwe, Malawi. Travel: Up to 40 percent. Introduction: Do you want your work to matter? Do you want to use your skills to make a difference? Do you want to improve millions of lives? RaHa Solutions is based on a hybrid […]

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Menstruation, a natural process in all healthy woman, keeps girls away from school. You can now stop this, barter your adverts for girls’ time in school, see details

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What if, for 7 adverts published in the local leading dailies, a community of 1000 people could get water filter retrofitted to their water source eg borehole, water pounds etc? They Could! See how.

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What is companies could get rain water purification facilities, each of the size of a small domestic fridge, for advertising? They Could! Consequently, many in the low income settlements would get plenty of low cost municipal water, especially during rainy season. See how and what the facility is.

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What if a village could get rainwater harvesting system for every 7 adverts published in local leading dailies? They could! Many villages and schools in the villages, currently water-starving, could have close clean water systems, see how.

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This weekend, Wings of Hope Rescue Home (WHRH) gave us an opportunity to partner in menstrual hygiene management with girls who conceived following rape by close relatives. Located in Kingoris, Kasaraini Constituency, Nairobi; WHRH provides the girls with a loving home, counseling, education, and a chance to reach their (girls’) destiny. It was founded, and […]

We couldn’t be more excited to share this news with you — just moments ago, Elmouhib Imane joined us. She said ” I am Imane, I came from Morocco to work with RaHa Solution. I always had interest in water preservation. For me, coming to Kenya is a great opportunity to know more about the issues […]

We have just had a chat with parent and children at Gatina Primary School, Gatina Ward, Nairobi. Just before talking with the parents, we distributed pieces of Safepad to the girls and asked them to feel it. As they were at it we said that ‘in her lifetime, an average woman uses 11,000 tampons, pads and […]

REPORT BY ANITA LUKORITO Kyuasini Primary Boarding School is officially opened today. This initiative is as a result of joint efforts between several associations including  Action Aid and Raha Solutions. The boarding school  is now expected to admit more than 200 boys and girls according to the headteacher Mr Kennedy Kitilu. Spearheading the launch; Raha […]

We are happy to inform you that Kenya Urban Roads Authority responded positively, regarding building toilets on roads in Kericho County (see self explanatory twitter conversation above).

Brookside Dairy is nominated to mark rainwater harvesting system for Makindu Primary School, see photo of facebook page on the side. We will build the rainwater harvesting system and mark the system with Brookside’s logo/name on condition that Brookside spreads (brags about) fact that they were nominated to do the marking. The marking is free […]