Mr. Walubengoh nominates for toilets St. John’s Primary school, Kaloleni Estate, Nairobi.

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Even with public health insurance available since 1966, only 20% of Kenyans have access to some sort of medical coverage. With the population at over 44 million and rising, it means that as many as 35 million Kenyans are excluded from quality health care –– a similar story can be said about access to clean water, toilets and sanitary towels in all low-income countries & lower middle-income countries.

Therefore, RaHaSolutions works with World Vision Canada in accelerating UHC; UHC that includes medical cover (for those excluded from quality health care coverage), water (for the water-starved), toilets (for the toilet-less) and reusable sanitary towels (that also help girls finish schooling).

We can’t do it without your help so please join us in any of the following ways:

1.   Accelerate UHC in a village or school that you care about. On this option, you choose village or school that you want UHC for. You also choose to invest / donate time and or money. Click on ‘Invest Time in UHC’ below to start.

2.   Donate money to World Vision through our World Vision Pledge PageWorld Vision will use your donation in Building Latrines for other villages and schools. Just click on ‘ World Vision‘ below to donate.

3.   Invest small amount of your money in accelerating UHC, click on ‘ Invest Money in UHC’ button below to invest (or ‘donate’ ). With the small amount of money, print adverts/informercial (in photos below) will be published. Notice that the adverts are for inviting readers to nominate villages for UHC. The informercial is mainly about those that have already benefited from this ‘Nomination Initiative’.


Nominees get medical covers, premiums for which RaHa Solutions pay. From advert below, you see that nominees (in Kenya) currently get 2 types of medical cover, one called ‘WoteAfya’ and the other is called ‘AfyaPoa’. We are looking for similar medical cover in/for other countries.

Nominees also get reusable sanitary towels

From advert below, you see that nominees get Sanitrax toilets, which are useable once every 2 minutes.

Nominees also get Rainwater Harvesting Systems (RaHa Systems), one of which consists of a gutter system, a Zincalume steel water storage tank, a rainwater filter, a leaf separator, a down pipe with calm intake and associated skilled labour –– where rainfall is scarce, nominees get equipped boreholes.

Nominees have started getting UHC. From informercial below, you can see some beneficiaries. Click on the informercial to read it more easily.

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