People are water starved and schools don’t have toilets. As a result girls have to drop out of school as soon as they start menstruating. This is so unfair –– lack of water and toilets, and just being born a girl, are enough to keep families locked in poverty for generations.

As a business, you are doing remarkable good in changing this situation, members of public (MOP) are engaging with your logo (on your receipts, business cards, letters, stickers, cheques, products…) in order to bring UHC (i.e., clean water, toiletsreusable sanitary towels and medical services) to villages and schools that they (MOP) care about.

In other words, they currently #AccelerateUHC with your logo.

Please enable them to #AccelerateUHC with your adverts as well.

We give Universal Healthcare Coverage (UHC); i.e., rainwater harvesting systemstoiletsreusable sanitary towels and healthcare coverage; to villages and schools nominated for the UHC by members of public (MOP).

We are able to give to all nominees because we weave the giving into the fabric of daily lives –– like advertising (by brands) and seeing of logos & ads (by MOP). Due to the weaving, the giving is a truly growing activity.

In favour of the nominees, MOP just crowd scan any logos & ads that MOP see. They scan with our cloud-based and managed mobile phone digital service. At start of every calendar week, we identify a nominee favoured by the largest crowd scanning and we give UHC to the nominee during the week.


Therefore, some MOP have chosen to crowd scan your logo in favour of a cause.

They (MOP) are:

    • scanning your logo in favour of the cause whenever they see the logo on computer and phone screens, on newspapers, on products, on notepads, business cards, packagings, receipts, stickers, vouchers…; and,
    • asking their family and friends –– who could be anywhere on the globe –– to do same (they even uses SMS, WhatsApp… to send photos of your logo to those that cannot access your logo).

Consequently, global MOP are:

    • scanning your logo in favour of the cause whenever they see your logo on computer and phone screens, on newspapers, on products, on notepads, business cards, packaging, receipts, stickers, vouchers…
    • asking their family and friends –– who could be anywhere on the globe –– to do same (they even use SMS, WhatsApp… to send photos of your logo to those that cannot access your logo).

During the crowd scanning above, your logo currently plays our videos on phone screens. Send us captivating videos about you and we will, for free, replace our videos with your videos. Your captivating videos will help MOP scan for long –– the longer the scan, the larger the crowd scan becomes.

Next time you plan to advertise in print newspapers, please send us jpg copies of the print ads and videos corresponding to the print ads –– the same print ads that you plan to publish in print newspapers in future, same videos you plan to run on social media and or TV. For free, we will make your print ads play the corresponding videos in order for MOP to continue to #AccelerateUHC.

For example, if you are called ‘Nairobi Waldorf School’, we will, free of charge, enable this kind of your print adverts…
… to play this kind of your video adverts:
If you are called ‘Orac’, this is what would happen:

For MOP not to scan adverts that don’t #AccelerateUHC, your advert will be published along with  “How to #AccelerateUHC” strip at bottom of front-page of the newspapers. An inside page that informs about previous beneficiaries of this #AccelerateUHC campaign will also be published along with your advert.

So, #AccelerateUHC with Your Ads !

Ensure that each of your print ads buys you (as in barter trade) awesome:

1. Phone video

Your print adverts, when pointed at with phones, play videos on the phones.

2. Headline news stories

Every advert that you #AccelerateUHC with counts –– for every 7 adverts you #AccelerateUHC with, we provide another school or village with a rainwater harvesting  system, toilets, sanitary towels or medical service.

Therefore, story about a/another school or village getting medical services will be published in leading newspapers for every 7 adverts you do good with  –– see how Waldorf’s support would be publicised.

3. Certificates for displaying in your reception and boardroom.

We take photos of beneficiaries and we send you a copy of the photos per beneficiary  –– see what the photo would look like.

You frame the photos as per your desire –– you do not have to do it in a specific way.

You display the framed photos at your reception or board room. The photos tell that you #AccelerateUHC (i.e., you bring water, sanitation and hygiene and medical services in villages and schools).

Importantly, the photos inspire your peers to also #AccelerateUHC with their adverts. To #AccelerateUHC with adverts is to reduce water starvation, water contamination, inefficiency due to illness and school-drop-out (for girls).

IT’S EASY TO #AccelerateUHC !:


Who can #AccelerateUHC with Adverts?

This opportunity is for all kind of advertisers – here, advertisers are those that draw attention to their products, services, candidacy or events in public offline news medium. An advertiser is such as a:

  • Business
  • Government Department
  • Non-Government Organization (NGO)
  • Charity
  • Politician/Political party
  • Service Organization
  • Marketer

As mentioned before, we publish news articles about beneficiaries of this #AccelerateUHC campaign in offline news media. Main part of the articles is photos of the UHC. The articles emphasise the good work you are doing by helping beneficiaries get the much-needed water and medical, sanitation and hygiene services.

Cooperation of the news articles and your advertising produces a combined effect greater than sum of their separate effects.

The cooperation promotes rainwater harvesting and medical, sanitation and hygiene services.

While freeing funds that we would otherwise spend on field officers and publicity, the cooperation encourages members of public to nominate schools and villages for water, toilets, medical services and reusable sanitary towels. The freed money is equal to cost of major parts of this project, so, by Accelerating UHC with your adverts, you also donate substantially –– in some countries, a tax write-off –– without spending anything extra.

You may mention your support in small parts of your ads. (Assuming that your name is MRESENCE, you may mention that ‘MRESENCE Helps Village Access Medical Services’) – this is a right that you may refrain from applying or enforcing.

Promoting public access to medical services is not simply about increasing provision, improving the quality and cleanliness and signage; it is also about increasing information about villages that have received Medical Services from this project. This is important for local people and visitors alike.

RaHa aims to improve connections between projects, information and branding. Better coordination of projects, information and branding – including small details like signposting and mapping of beneficiaries of this #AccelerateUHC campaign – can help to shape an image (for villages, towns, cities and countries) that makes a lasting and positive impression on local people and visitors.

Therefore, RaHa Solutions includes wide publicity. Information on websites and in local leading newspapers will provide information on where water supply systems are located.

It is Good for Your Business!

Whenever you #AccelerateUHC with your adverts, you remarkably change the lives of many people for the better.

You free us from spending money on field officers and publicity. We then spend more of our funds on Clean Close Water, Medical Services, Sanitation & Hygiene for communities and schools.

From now on, advertising your products or services is as good as giving money to a village or school –– in some countries, a tax write-off –– but nothing extra comes out of your pocket!

The publicity lets your customers, friends, constituents, donors, investors –– whoever you advertise to –– get to like you, appreciate and respect you more. It’s a cost-free way for you to join in a great cause in bringing clean, close water and medical, sanitation and hygiene services to rural Kenyans and others around the world where women and children walk for hours to fetch water – often dirty, polluted and dangerous.

In one simple process, you:

  • Increase viewership of your adverts;
  • Cut your advertising expenses significantly;
  • Help a village get life-giving water and medical, sanitation and hygiene services that raises them out of poverty… and be more likely to buy things you advertise;
  • Gain the respect and loyalty of your readership as they see you giving in such a significant way;
  • Fulfill the UN mandate that calls upon people and organisations to help provide water resources and to recognise access to water as a basic human right.

“Whenever you #AccelerateUHC with your ads you save us money that would otherwise be spent on field officers and publicity –– your cost-free advertising (on cell phones) frees that money to be spent directly on clean water and toilets, medical services and reusable sanitary towels for villages and schools.”

– Titi Kadu, RaHa

It is More Publicity for You!

From now on; newspaper readers, members of schools or villages see tangible value in your ads –– these are the same ads that you plan to publish. The school or village discuss with their friends and relatives on how you are helping them in getting Clean, Close Water and Medical, Sanitation and Hygiene services. They keep the ads for future references. The ads become dear to the villagers and their friends and relatives.

RaHa sends out press releases promoting your effort. News articles about beneficiaries of this project appear in the same publication as your advertisements—and actually point people to your advertising!

Each of the articles or press releases emphasises the good work you are doing by helping villages or schools get the much-needed water and medical, sanitation and hygiene services.

This gives readers a high opinion of you and adds to your credibility.

RaHa closely coordinates with you to ensure that the news articles and your ads complement each other.

RaHa also promotes your good works on their website, free of charge. When you publish 7 adverts, your logo or advert appears on this section of this website. You extend the reach of your advertising to a world-wide audience.

The logo and or news about your good works appear on Success Stories every time you publish 7 adverts – this posting is free of charge.

Representative(s) of your business or organisation is/are invited to the official handover ceremony. Soon after the hand-over ceremony, a news article is published about the beneficiary. The article will be headed: [Your Business name] AccelerateUHC, [Name of your beneficiary]

RaHa continues to honour you and inspire others by posting on success stories about your business and your efforts to bring medical coverage to this beneficiary.