Nominate for RaHa Solutions those that use treated water in flushing toilets.

Your nominee could be a school (or similar institution) that has roofs from which rainwater could be harvested. Your nominee could also be a village that has the school (or similar institution).

There is no restriction regarding locations of nominators and nominees. You could be in USA, nominating any village, schools or similar institutions in Kenya, India…anywhere.

This (nominating) lets your nominee know that you care about them and gives them hope for better water. You also want to post, tweet, or share the nomination with your friends and everyone you know. Think of the respect you gain as your friends and neighbors see how you are helping this community or school.

In the process of nominating, you propose your favorite advertiser –– here, an advertiser isone who draws your attention to their products, services, candidacy or events in public offline news medium –– to mark your nominee’s system free of charge, click to see how.


  • school or village in Kenya (or other places in the world) that enjoys good rainfall yet uses treated water in flushing toilets and like activities;


Follow guideline below

  1. Please copy all content of the form
  2. Open your facebook page, click on ‘Write something…’, and Paste
  3. On the pasted document (on your facebook page)  fill in the black spaces and add related photos
  4. Post (so that the form you have filled in becomes your facebook post)
  5. Share your post with  RahaSolutions and Project Africa an introduction of a universal basic income facebook pages

We will start process of building the rainwater harvesting system by re-publishing your post on news of this website. Actual building will start as soon as your proposed advertiser agrees to mark the system – the marking is free of charge.

To ‘Even It Up’, I nominate person/s further described below for RaHa Solutions (herein after referred to as ‘Solutions’).

The nominee is a __________ (state whether the nominee is a school or not) that used treated water in flushing toilets.

I have invited _______________________, an advertiser, to also ‘Even It Up’ by marking the Solutions with their name or logo free of charge.

(Write full name and address of the nominee here) ______________________________________ and I agree that the nominee’s Solutions be built in (Write full address of the proposed site here) ______________________, a site within their compound.

The nominee agrees to prepare the foundation and provide all unskilled labor required.

I have spoken about this nomination with the following 20 people that stay in the village (or manage the school)

(Here, write full names of the 20 people who stay in the village or manage the school – these people MUST be those that you have actually spoken to about this nomination)