This is the first payment we got this month : “Hello Kadu, …Been in the village to bury my grandma. Then my Aunty also passed away. Still at the village. Burial is on Saturday. Will definitely action on the water tank or borehole. You will never know how handy the well is. Kitui is super […]

We just got paid, we received this: Hallo, I appreciate your help, [I] am being treated well. God bless everyone in your team.

We just got paid, we received this: Hallo, I appreciate your help, [I] am being treated well. God bless everyone in your team.🙏🙏

“Wow! This is lives changing!” Click to see details

Shadhika, which supports women-led NGOs throughout India wants UHC Pads for girls in Mumbai’s slum communities. Many of these slums have dire need for sanitary services. They lack toilets, privacy and trash bins. See more details HERE

Mr. Walubengoh nominates for toilets St. John’s Primary school, Kaloleni Estate, Nairobi. See more details HERE.

You may have read our previous updates that we’re participating in fundraising to Help Build Latrines for others –– while giving toilets, reusable sanitary towels, water and medical cover to villages and schools that you care about. We really do need your support, especially your in-kind support. To date, we’ve raised $20.00 CAD but we […]

PROVISION OF CLEAN TREATED WATER FOR RUKIDI VILLAGE Peter donates his time in favour of Rukidi thus continues a process of contributing $ 8000 plus 5% of $ 8000 ($ 400). The $ 8000 goes directly to this cause and the $ 400 goes to World Vision. See details “You decide what’s possible. Where others see a […]

Due to Ignatius’ time donation in favour of his UHC Premiums nominee, we donated cash to World Vision. The donation to World Vision is for building toilets, see details. “You decide what’s possible. Where others see a mountain, you see a summit. What they call the daily grind, you call the chance to prove yourself. When they […]

WATER FOR SIKULU PRIMARY Having succeeded at starting and securing medical cover for my UHC Premiums nominee, Ignatius now supports Sikulu with small part of his time –– by doing this he continues a process of donating time equivalent to about $ 8000 plus 5% of $ 8000 ($ 400). The $ 8000 goes directly […]

UHC PADS FOR MWASERE GIRLS’ HIGH SCHOOL Phoebe supports Mwasere with small part of her time –– by doing this she is donating time equivalent to about $ 1000 plus 5% of $1000 ($ 50). The $ 1000 goes directly to this cause and the $50 goes to World Vision. See more about this cause. […]

CONSTRUCTION OF SAFE TOILET FOR MUTARAKWA PRIMARY SCHOOL IN LAIKIPIA COUNTY-KENYA George supports this cause with small part of his time–– by doing this he continues a process of donating time equivalent to about $ 250,000 plus 5% of $ 250,000 ($ 12500). The $ 250000 goes directly to this cause and the  $ 12500 […]

Even with public health insurance available since 1966, only 20% of Kenyans have access to some sort of medical coverage. With the population at over 44 million and rising, it means that as many as 35 million Kenyans are excluded from quality health care –– such a story can be said about access to clean […]

When we take action together, we are powerful. On April 23rd, Tent of Testimonies (TOT) Agreed to Accelerate Universal Healthcare Coverage (UHC). From a list of nominees, RaHa selects for UHC. Selectees get medical covers that RaHa pays premiums for –– the covers are provided by various companies, including Insurance For All (IFA). RaHa also  builds rainwater […]

On April 6th, activists on the Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior took the first-ever action at sea against companies preparing to mine the Pacific Ocean’s seabed. The ship in the background is owned by DeepGreen — a Canadian mining company that’s spearheading the drive to mine the biodiverse, barely understood deep sea ecosystem. And for the […]

Last month in Paris, Greenpeace France activists entered the Charles De Gaulle airport to paint a plane green and deploy banners to shine a light on greenwashing in the aviation industry. To protest the French government’s most recent weak climate bill, Greenpeace activists did what lobbyists wish they could do — ‘greenwash’ air transport. Over […]

One Less Excuse Decision-makers can use to Stall Transition to a Green Economy A few weeks ago, the Supreme Court ruled 6-3 that the use of federal power to impose a carbon tax across Canada is, in fact, constitutional. This is fantastic news for …[Canada, and the world]…, and it means [Canada’s] provincial governments can accelerate, […]

WHAT ABOUT OUR FUTURE Here’s some good news if you’re looking to feel hopeful and inspired. On Thursday, April 29th, you’re invited to an online screening of the new, award-winning short film ‘What About Our Future?’. Featuring Greta Thunberg and David Suzuki, this short doc follows young environmental activists, the Sustainabiliteens, as they organise the […]

DuGut™ Holding LDA The Global Tourism Initiative commits signatories to remove all unnecessary or problematic plastic packaging from their businesses by 2025.

The sole purpose of DuGut™ is to generate sustainable action and help solve our worlds’ problems.  Large Charities are stockpiling funds to support the continuation of their own bureaucratic organizations. This means that a large percentage of YOUR donation is not being spent fixing the problem you choose to solve. Therefore, there is little trust in these Charities anymore. These trust issues are the main reason that the younger generations are simply not donating money […]

Ecocarrier™ Inc. in cooperation with Otung Limited (operating as RaHa Solutions) bring TeleHealth and TeleMedicine technology/solutions to bear on the requirement for improving healthcare provision in rural Africa. Telemedicine refers specifically to remote clinical services, whereas Telehealth refers to remote non-clinical services, such as provider training, administrative meetings, continuing medical education and clinical services. Traditional […]