We might not be in the same boat… But we are in the same storm!

George Floyd’s death on May 25th was another unacceptable act of police brutality that showed once more the need for a necessary change in our society.  The roots of systemic racism are deeply ingrained in our history. People of color have had case after case of inhumanity perpetuated against them. Now people are coming together to demand change so that this historical injustice does not carry on into our future. Not being racist is not enough… We must be anti-racist! Inequality will only change when we come together and act as one race, the human race…

…And we’ve proved it is possible! With the recent social and economical instability of the Novel CoronaVirus, people of all ages and colors were unified under one goal; to stop the virus from spreading. We have learned from this pandemic that it is possible to act together and make massive changes if we really need to. Now we must stop racism… and make massive changes again!

As people are mobilizing in the streets to demand equality, we believe that it’s our collective duty to unify, stand behind them and help facilitate that change. To bring the problem and the solution closer to our homes, and our hearts, we need an app that allows us to take REAL ActionWe designed the DuGut™ App to provide these opportunities and make it easy and accessible to facilitate real change on a local and global level.

We have hope, we see a lot of positive change in young people. Young people have the power to make things better and have been instrumental in making the entire world understand that this is something that has got to change.

As President Obama said on this issue: “This is a moment, and we have had moments like this before where people are paying attention. And that doesn’t mean that everything will get solved, so don’t get disheartened, because this is a marathon, not a sprint. But the fact that people are paying attention provides an opportunity to educate, activate, mobilize and act, and I hope we are able to seize this moment.”

Let’s seize the moment and ride the storm together!

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