We Have Invited Doctors & Others to Subscribe to MRESENCE Telecare™

We have just sent out invite below:

On healthcare, coronavirus equalises urban areas and villages in least developed countries and lower-middle-income countries –– people in urban areas and the villages need a healthcare facility named MRESENCE TeleCare™.

We intend to pay for services rendered through the facility to villages and to those that nominate villages for the facility.

On one end, MRESENCE TeleCare™ adds value to villages’ service providers who are current rural government medical centres, rural tele-clinics (emerging due to unemployment), diagnostic labs & peri-urban clinics that subscribe to the facility. In urban areas,  MRESENCE TeleCare™ is the only means by which doctors can see and touch many of the sick that currently avoid visiting hospitals and clinics.

On another end, MRESENCE TeleCare™ serves to create opportunity for generating lost/additional revenue for individual registered doctors and medical facilities in urban areas around the globe that subscribe to the facility. To some registered doctors and medical facilities, MRESENCE TeleCare™ creates opportunity to volunteer services.

Could we negotiate and agree with you on payment terms and conditions?

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