RaHa Partners Steel Core Tanks

RaHaSolutions (RaHa) and Steel Core Tank LLC (SCT) are partnering in donating water storage tanks to villages and schools in Kenya and Africa.

The female-owned SCT donated a beautiful Bushman 10,000L  tank for a great school garden project. The tank was installed by volunteers at Cali Calmécac Language Academy in Windsor, CA and is now watering the students’ veggie garden with rainwater captured off of a classroom roof. The tank and adjacent rain garden continue to serve as educational tools for generations, encouraging students at this wonderful dual-language school to slow, spread, sink, and store our precious rainwater, rather than just let it all runoff. Plus the garden can now thrive through dry months without time intensive hand-watering, allowing the garden-to-cafeteria program and cooking classes to expand. When the tank was installed, California was on it’s 5th year of drought, and teaching respectful stewardship of our resources was more important than ever, and the tank helped students and the greater community learn about small actions each of us can take to make a difference. The whole installation team was polite, timely, and super helpful throughout the whole donation process.

SCT is the largest purveyor of water tanks in USA’s West Coast, and they see the effects of the California drought first hand.

SCT’s President, Nicole Oblad said “we see the effect of drought on Californians every day. All across California the demand for water used in agriculture and fire protection has increased tenfold, to a point where water storage is the only option. But when my Director of Development who is a long time animal rescuer told me the troubles animal sanctuaries and rescues were facing in regards to water, I had no idea. We decided we had to do something to help” drought stricken Animal Sanctuaries across California. 

Nicole stated “We are thrilled to work with a dedicated group of people the caliber of RaHa in donating our tanks in villages and schools in Kenya and Africa”. 

SCT manufactures the finest corrugated steel bolted tank in the market and the first choice for industries such as: Mining, Agriculture, Municipalities, Fire Protection, Wastewater, Fracking, Potable Water, Rainwater Harvesting, Winery’s, Food Production and More.

RaHa’s Kadu commented how their donation method is energized with the opportunity to work with a superior line of steel bolted tanks from SCT. RaHa has an exciting donation method and will be actively recruiting additional sales and installation talent in Africa to expand the personnel resources needed to meet present and future demand for water storage tanks.

About Steel Core Tank LLC:

Based in Sacramento, California, SCT is not only one of the largest and most experienced tank manufactures in the US; they also offer the largest variety of liners and tank accessories in the industry. They sell their quality tank through a worldwide dedicated dealer network that is well trained. The dealers represent SCT’s uncompromising commitment to quality at each and every stage of the order from design to installation and final quality control.

About RaHa:

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