We seek to build toilets or water collection systems where the systems can create more employment opportunities in security, car-washing, irrigation, winneries and the like.

We would build the systems for car-washers, security firms,…who will propose how they will secure the systems. The washers will also demonstrate how the systems will increase employment in their respective yards.

Our other goal is to build the longest lasting systems at the lowest possible cost, so more people would be employed in irrigation, winnery etc. for the longest time possible.

Post Cause to reduce unemployment.

Your nominee could be a group that would increase in number if they had large storage of rainwater. Their number would increase as the storage would increase employment opportunities for them. They could be a car washing team, a rainwater bottling team, a security firm, an irrigation club,…

There is no restriction regarding locations of nominators and nominees. You could be in USA, nominating any village, schools or similar institutions in Kenya, India…anywhere.

This (nominating) lets your nominee know that you care about them and gives them hope for better water. You also want to post, tweet, or share the nomination with your friends and everyone you know. Think of the respect you gain as your friends and neighbors see how you are helping this community or school.