What happens when you scan a product? It doesn’t matter if you purchased a product in a store or online, sooner or later you will have that product in your hands. When you scan the barcode on a product or label with the DuGut™, we retrieve all kinds of information such as, if a product has been sold (by the manufacturer), to the location and time of the scan. After we collect the information, we either have an agreement with the brand or store, in which case they directly donate into our users’ DuGut™ accounts, or we make a suggestion to a brand or store to donate to the SDG of its customers’ choice.

We bring toilets, waterreusable sanitary towels or medical services to the village or school that you care about –– when you Do Good (DuGut) i.e., when you:

#DuGutwithLogos –– yes, do good by using your phone to scan logos that you see on: the upper parts of your receipts; the products that you purchase; your computer and phone screens; cheques you receive or give; menu that is given to you: and, …

#DuGutwithAds –– yes, do good by just scanning adverts with your phone.

#DuGutwithBarcordes –– yes, before you deposit waste (eg receipts, bottles and wrappers) in recycling bins, do good with barcodes on the waste.

First, identify the good that you want to do –– fill in this form with information about the village or school that you care about.