We believe each person has the potential to create change in their lives to make our world a better place. The technology platforms of today are developed for social interaction that value popularity. With the DuGut™ App, we can create a new normal where reputation and status is measured by the real-life impact you have on the world.


Most people would like to be sustainable and do good, however most social organizations make it difficult to understand.

With the DuGut™ application which has a clear target that leads to taking real action, we can unite everyone to Do-Good.

Take a look at the video we created to explain the process below:

With our application you have the power to take action from the palm of your hand, whenever you want and without going out of pocket. DuGut™  is all about empowering you and the brands you already use, to take real action. The DuGut™ App let you choose how you want to make a difference in your community, locally and globally, making your voice and actions matter, so together we can be empowered as a collective to do good.

Our community has been growing naturally through word of mouth and we are very excited that people around the world share our excitement to see our vision come to reality. Use the buttons below to share this message, and invite others to do good with us!

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