Wakili Samuel Keter (on left on photo) nominates himself for RainSafe to #FightInequality. With the RainSafe, he will #makerainsafe for himself so that the municipal water he currently uses may be used by the underserves. 

Additionally, he nominates Lelaitich settlement scheme in Soin Ward, Sigowet/Soin Constituency Kericho District because they are a water starved village. Due to this nomination, Lelaitich will get a rain water harvesting system as solution to their water starvation.

Representatives of Lelaitich, Johana Mutai, Elisha Yegon, Joshua Kirwa, Benson Cheptiony and David Mutai agree to prepare the foundation and provide all unskilled labor required.

Samuel and the representatives propose that the County Government of Kericho should also #FightIequality by marking the solutions with their name or logo free of charge. Lelaitich will get the solution as soon as County Government of Kericho agrees to mark the solution.

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  1. Sibuor Empire
    Sibuor Empire says:

    Samuel, is this White House a church within the village? Is this the roof that would be used to harvest rainwater? Has County Government of Kericho agreed to mark the solutions?

    • Sammy Keter
      Sammy Keter says:

      The building is a nursery school. Apparently its the only building that we can use to harvest rain water. I have been in touch with Mr Kemei of the county Government of Kericho and he has assured me of the county government support.

  2. RaHa
    RaHa says:

    We have spoken with Tim Kimei, Chief Public Relations Officer, County Government of Kericho. He has confirmed that they are ready to mark the system with their logo


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