Recall Mr Keter (on the left on photo above) proposed Safaricom to mark free of charge our work on Kitere Community water.

We are happy to announce that we have contracted a company that will move to site as soon as weather conditions improve a bit.The ground is currently very wet, a condition that may slow down works.

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  1. Sammy Keter
    Sammy Keter says:

    I am excited about this and happy with the progress so far. Thank you Raha Charitable Trust for the good work you are doing to improve the lives of the people. Looking forward to working with you closely on this and in many other opportunities to help our people.

  2. Eric Chepkwony
    Eric Chepkwony says:

    Thank you so much Safaricom charitable trust for the good work you are doing to our community. We appreciate your support God bless

    • Sibuor Empire
      Sibuor Empire says:

      You are welcome, Eric. It appears that you mixed up names. Safaricom was proposed to mark the works free of charge. When they do, they will make more people benefit from this on-going #FightInequality process – to mark free of charge is therefore, to #FightIequality.

  3. RaHa
    RaHa says:

    We have spoken with Mary, Safaricom Manager. She has assured us that she will send people to brand the tank as soon as the repairs are done


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