Two fascinating things are happening:

  • you want to serve social purpose, measurablyquickly– Jim Long Kim, World Bank Group President, said, “…If we act with the fierce urgency that these times require…I believe that we can be the first generation in history to End Poverty on the face of the earth…”.
  • society is increasingly turning to the private sector for support in addressing and responding to the broader societal challenges and needs. In fact public expectations of your company as a corporate citizen have never been greater. Society is demanding that we serve social purpose.

Therefore, you must partner (SDG17) with Nation Media Group (NMG), Standard Media Group (SMG), newspaper readers and RaHaSolutions (RaHa). Starting this month, the partnership must publish SDGSUPPORTERS, an informative weekly newspaper supplement, which, among other things, invites readers to nominate villages/schools for water, sanitation and hygiene services. In response to the nominations, RaHa must provide the services at a rate of one beneficiary a week in order for NMG and SMG to report about the beneficiaries in the supplement at a rate of one beneficiary a week.

You place ads of your products/services in the supplement to donate substantially towards this partnership –– in some countries, a tax write-off –– without spending anything extra. This helps in increasing information about provision of the services –– this is important for local people and visitors alike –– increasing the information helps to shape an image (for villages, towns, cities and countries) that makes a lasting and positive impression on local people and visitors. Readers must acknowledge this help –– readers must mention the ads, without which they (readers) would not know about this partnership.

SMG’s Standard Digital produces video webisodes about the partnership, including interviews with you (CEO). Using the tagline, #SDGSupportersStandard Digital publishes the videos to drive conversation and engage about the partnership on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and IGTV.

Quality of the services must be high. Single use plastic is illegal, so high quality reusable sanitary towels are distributed to help girls finish school. Water storage tanks must be long-lasting. Inside of water storage tanks are finished with smooth food grade material to discourage algal growth. Water filters and similar cleaning equipments are used. Water purification is done where there is electricity.

Below is price guide for placing the advertorial:

  • Standard Newspaper – Full Page  Kshs. 582,000.00   Half Page  Kshs. 280,000.00.
  • Daily Nationand its digital platform –– Full page Kshs.635, 000   Half page Kshs. 318,000       Quarter PageKshs.159,000      Eight pageKshs.80,000
    The above rates are subject to 16% VAT and are for colour adverts.

Diana Langat is contact person in NMG, Newspaper Division (Mobile: 0711304542 or Diana will get in touch with you for space reservation.

Joyce Kinyanjui is contact person in SMG. You may reach her on Mobile no. 0721498711, Email: space reservation.

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  1. Wings of hope rescue home
    Wings of hope rescue home says:

    Yes, I wish to front an organisation we run in partnership. Wings of hope rescue home is a safe residence for homeless pregnant teenage girls, ages 12-17, victims of rape and child sexual abuse. We give them a home, nurse them through pregnance,get them a hospital to deliver. Six months later we enroll them back to school.

  2. Richard Ng'ang'a
    Richard Ng'ang'a says:

    A wonderful forum for solutions to challenges of today but achievements of all the times and generations. Keep it up

  3. Kimuya M Alex
    Kimuya M Alex says:

    This is such a good forum! Nice and uplifting story from the raha solutions.

    I have academic ideas, published in peer reviewed journals. Some we are working on, for sustainable agriculture. Two are completed. I believe to have solved three solutions in mathematics, that have persisted for centuries. We have been on discussions on different scientific forums about the correctness of the solutions, and no person is opposed to my solutions. There has been many of positive complements.

    I have not shared these to any news publisher because I first needed to hear from the experts. Raha solutions we must have met the right time.

    I would be glad to share these my discoveries to you, and their impact in the research community. They are very interesting solutions.

    I hope you find this interesting!

    You can reach to me directly through:



    For more details.

    Thank you.

    • rahasolutions
      rahasolutions says:

      We are very happy to read that you like our idea this much. We will reach you as soon as possible for more discussion on this.

      • Kimuya M Alex
        Kimuya M Alex says:

        Thanks much for your immediate response! I am glad too that you could get my English. I am typing from my phone and there could be some typo errors. I’ll be happy to share these news to you. The first contents I would love to discuss with you is on the solutions to the impossible old ages problems. The other ones on precision agriculture we are working as a team of researcher and we could share this to you collectively once the project is completed. Feel free to contact me any time in the day. I hope to hear from you soonest you can! Thanks.


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