You Don’t Donate, You #WasteNoEngagements

Five more photos have been posted:  3 are photos of NIVEA, Weetabix and EXE products; and 2 are photos of Mpesa stickers (one Mpesa sticker is in fuel filling stations, the other is in Mpesa agents’ shops)

Everyone engages with brands, several times in a day.

We ask members of public (MOP) to #WasteNoEngagements –– instead, MOP should ensure that every engagement with brands supports bringing of water, medical services, toilets or reusable sanitary towels to villages/schools.

In other words, where many would ask for donations, we ask for ‘registration’ of all future engagements with brands.

To register your future engagements, you first post photo of brand(s) that you engage with. You then start scanning with your phone parts or whole of receipts, adverts, products packages… that are similar to photos that you have posted.

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