In response to our open letter to Kenya Roads Board – PROVISION & MAINTENANCE OF TOILETS ALONG ROADS FOR FREE USAGE – some of you have suggested that SANI SOLAR on the road sides should be seat-less. Our response is as follows.

Attitudes towards public toilets have shifted significantly over the last years.

Society has changed fundamentally, for instance most of us now have toilets with seats and washing facilities within our own homes.

Therefore, and evidence from various studies suggests that, people increasingly prefer to use toilets in managed buildings such as shopping malls – these public toilets have seats. Because of the seats, cleaning is rigorous.

The proposed road side toilets therefore, if seat-less, risk falling into a cycle of decline where low usage creates an atmosphere of neglect, discouraging public use for the purposes intended and attracting anti-social behaviour, graffiti and criminal damage, which in turn increases maintenance costs.

A situation where maintenance costs are high or rising, and public use is falling, is not sustainable.

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