Yesterday, Kenya’s Independent Electoral & Boundaries Commission (IEBC) and its chair, Mr. Wafula Chebukati, presented three (3) fresh ‘voter turnouts’, see rows 1, 2 & 4 in image above — focus on column titled “Voters Identified from KIEMS”.  Turnout in raw 3 is not new, there are earlier reports about it.

In addition to the above voter turnouts, there are two more: 1) At 2.56PM of Aug 9,2022, IEBC said “As at noon, 6,567,869 Kenyans had turned up to vote. This equates to 30.65 percent of the 22,120,458 registered voters“; and,  2) at 6.44PM of Aug 9,2022, IEBC said that “At around 4.00pm, 12,065,803 registered voters out of 22,120,458 had cast their vote. This equates to 56.17 percent of voter turn-out excluding voting through the manual register“.

Note the difference in computation of percentage turnout. Before current Presidential Elections proceedings at The Supreme Court of Kenya, IEBC used registered voters (22,120,458) . In the proceedings, IEBC is not using registered voter (instead, IEBC uses figures in column 3 in the image, the column titled “Total Registered Voters in the Reported KIEMS”. Note also that even though ‘All KIEMS returns’ (row 4 in the image above) was noted on 10 August 2022, still, IEBC does not use registered voter (22,120,458) — one would ask, shouldn’t Total Registered Voters in reported KIEMS be 22,120,458 when All KIEMS return.

In the proceedings, IEBC also introduced another important information: that number of voters authenticated by manual register (or complimentary mechanism) is 86,889. They must have intended to say 86,779 because the ‘Voters Indentified from KIEMS’ that they want adopted (14,239,862) plus the 86,889 is not equal to the turnout the chair used in declaring the winner (the declaration turnout is 14,326,641). 14,239,862 plus 86,889 is 14,326,641. This, 14,326,641, is more than the declaration turnout by 110.

Since elections were to have been done on 9th August 2022, turnout derived from row 1 in the image above should be adopted as the legally acceptable turnout i.e, 12,152,692 (12,065,803 plus 86,889)

Turnout derived from rows 2-4 cannot be legally accepted, at what point in time does one say that All KIEMS have reported?

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