When Still Photos Play Videos on Phone Screens

Yesterday, we requested members of public to take with phone cameras photos of brands they engage with, and to post the photos. In response, 16 photos were posted – one of the 16 photos was not taken by a phone camera therefore, we requested the sender to resend version taken by phone cameras.

Fifteen of the photos are an interesting mix of good photos: one of them is of a Blue Band advert in newspapers; four are of Blue Band, Pepsi, Ilara and Monster Assault Energy products; one is of note pad obtained from Nairobi’s Villa Rosa Kimpinski; four photos are of receipts obtained from Goodlife Pharmacy Ltd, Carrefour, Karen Provision Stores and Foodplus; three are of cheque book leaves with Stanchart Bank, Citi Bank and KCB logos; two are of receipts obtained from Stanbic Bank swipe machine (one of  back of the receipt and one of front of the receipts).

If you cannot easily access any of the 15 photos, post photo of brand(s) that you engage with. We are enabling phone cameras to report to us whenever you engage with adverts, cheque books, receipts…, which have parts that are exactly similar to the photos that you and other members of public post. You scan the parts with your phone camera and we get the reports.

The reports come to us when the members see videos play on phone screens. Many times, the videos are video version of the parts scanned.

Members of public scan the parts to support bringing of water, toilets, medical service or reusable sanitary towels to villages or schools that they care about –– the members either select or nominate schools or villages that they care about, then they support it simply by scanning the parts whenever they see the part on stickers, posters, adverts, products… (anywhere) that they engage with.

This way, the members #WasteNoEngagements. Instead, the members support villages and schools that they care about every time they engage with brands.

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