What to do about CoronaVirus

Don’t let CoronaVirus gets in the way of your business discussion. When you are unable to have a MeetUp, a TeleMeetUp will do just as well.

As a matter of fact it may even be better, considering these features:

  • Invite others to chat/conference with code generation for participants
  • Unlimited text messaging in real time
  • Recording of chat in texts and history for retrieval in posterity
  • Multi-media interaction in real time – subject to a limit of Data Transport Volume of 10 GB per subscriber account *
  • Recording of multi-media interaction in real time
  • 10 GB of storage capacity per subscriber account for text and multi-media *
  • Screen-sharing
  • SWIS TWIT (Blue Hand) available to TMU Native App for showing and pointing for greater clarity & accuracy – subject to Data Transport Volume Limit of Mult-media interaction
  • White-boarding for writing/drawing to facilitate demo and explanation
  • White Hand feature available to TMU Web App user to draw with a mouse on image incorporated with Blue Hand
  • 10,000 characters in text-to-text translation in real time *
  • 10 minutes in speech-to-speech translation in Native Language Chat in real time *

Foot-note:  * over and above the limits set, usage of the various service features is billable at

Data Transport is billed at US$0.50 per GB

Data Storage is billed at US$0.30 per GB per month

Text-to-Text Translation is billed at US$5 per 100,000 characters

Speech-to-Speech Translation is billed at US$0.35 per minute

Visit   www.telemeetup.com

Face-to-Face In-Person Conference is made infeasible, if not impossible, by CoronaVirus

Do Not Despair !

You can use TMU EcoSecure with End-to-End Encryption to achieve all the benefits of Face-to-Face In-Person Conference and much more including

  • SWIS (See What I See) & TWIT (Touch What I Touch)
  • Screen-sharing
  • White-boarding
  • Native Language Chat in text or in speech with automatic translation in real time
  • Automatic recording of the entire multi-media interaction in one continuous session

You get to overcome all the problems and disadvantages wrought by CoronaVirus and end up in a better situation and with great saving of money and time that can put to good use.

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