h2ozone provides the only fully integrated, chemically free, water solution. Our patented technology provides a proven solution for residential and commercial environments. The h2ozone product is unique because:

Key criteria analysis

  • Ultra-Violet (UV) reactor – h2ozone patented UV reactor destroys all bacteria, controls the speed of the water ensuring 100% contact and sterilisation. Other companies using UV do not achieve full contact & sterilisation as their designs are restricted by gravity. In addition, our UV lamp lifespan has been tested to last a minimum of seven years. Other companies ‘always-on’ policy will necessitate more regular replacement.
  • Ozone Generation – h2ozone have managed to miniaturize, measure and control Oxidisation Reduction Potential (ORP) levels using patented ozone technology. Other companies generate ozone through a venturi or a unit that is large in scale and difficult to measure or not measured at all
  • Filtration – h2ozone does not offer carbon based filtration as a treatment solution for challenged water, as carbon creates life and thus enables bugs/pathogens like Legionella, Cryptosporidium, E-Coli etc. to regenerate. Through continuous testing, carbon filters clog up and blind within seven weeks or earlier depending on the quality of the source water. This means the water supply is compromised, resulting in high levels of bacteria, measured by Total Viable Count (TVC). This requires the end user to purchase and change these filters every 6-7 weeks, resulting in higher costs. At h2ozone, we have created a uniquely designed filtration system and independently tested non-carbon based filter that keeps all bacteria levels under 20 TVC’s (better than bottled water) and only requires one change per year.
  • Internet of Things – Additionally our technology at h2ozone is fitted with Internet of Things (IoT) technology. This self-managing technology keeps the end user informed if anything requires attention. In addition, h2ozone’s technology is fitted with Wi-Fi or 3G connectivity that collects all essential information for successful water management.
  • Manufacturing – h2ozone is manufactured to medical device standard ISO 13485: 2016.
  • Independent Scientific testing – h2ozone have conducted more than 25,000 independent scientific tests (chemical & microbial) through leading universities and global certified laboratories. h2ozone have also conducted over 50,000 internal scientific tests in our own laboratory.
  • Certification and Regulatory compliance – h2ozone have been independently audited and have received several internationally recognised certification and regulatory processes.
  • Health & Safety – h2ozone’s patented UV reactor is designed to allow safe visual inspection. Other companies do not provide this safety feature as standard. In addition, h2ozone’s IoT technology will not allow compromised water to pass through the system.