People are water starved and schools don’t have toilets. As a result girls have to drop out of school as soon as they start menstruating. This is so unfair. Lack of facilities, and just being born a girl, are enough to keep families locked in poverty for generations.

Change this today!

It is possible!

Open this post on your phone and click GooglePlay or AppStore to install PizzzAR.

Sms / WhatsApp (+254704415723), comment on this post, email (…; about a water-starved / toilet- less / sanitary-towel-less school / village to nominate them for sdgSUPPORTERS WasteNoAds! Project.

7 video replies to your nomination will play on your phone screen when you scan with your phone camera some adverts in sdgSUPPORTERS WasteNoAds! sdgSUPPORTERS WasteNoAds! is a section of Thursday Nation and Friday Standard newspapers that is compiled by WPP-Scangroup, Kenya.

On the day you watch your 7th reply, sms / WhatsApp (+254704415723) to claim what you nominated for and your nominee gets it (what you nominated for) soon after!

Soon after your nominee gets it (what you nominated for), you get a domestic rainwater harvesting tank/barrel/butt for your home.

So what are you waiting for? Install PizzzAR for free, nominate and spread joy with your phone today.


Regard for poverty eradication of Chief Temitope Ajayi (Mama Diaspora) has reached a new high — now, she’s set to partner RaHa Solutions in persuading businesses in Africa to WasteNoAds as a means of supporting Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

On top of what she brings to the WasteNoAds campaign is her 25+years of experience as an International Business Speaker at IMF and World Bank Annual Meetings. Besides, she is Chairman and Co-Founder of Global Connection for Women Foundation. GC4W Foundation mission is to create new opportunities for women and youth in communities around the world.

She brings her experience in diplomacy –– she is an Ambassador of Goodwill for the State of Arkansas and Maryland, USA.

Ajayi brings invaluable experience in politics –– she served as Special Assistant & Advisor to the Deputy Governor of Lagos State, Nigeria. In 2010, she called on the Federal Government of Nigeria to reduce the interest rates on loans to farmers in order to boost the agricultural sector and to alleviate poverty in the country.

Focus in Africa of this US-based Nigerian business consultant, social entrepreneur and ardent community activist now widens beyond Nigeria.

She is Chairman/CEO Silicon Valley Nigerian Economic Development SV-NED Inc., a company, to establish a strategic, bilateral economic relationship between Nigeria and Silicon Valley, San Jose CA –– creating opportunities for Nigeria and Nigerian companies to do business with America and American companies, especially in information Technology sector. SV-NED is dedicated to creating a bridge between Technology Hub in Silicon Valley and Nigeria, serving as an Incubator for Entrepreneurs and Startup’s.

Also, she is Chairman and CEO of Nigerian-American Agricultural Empowerment program (NAAEP), and NCF Investment Inc. NAAEP engages in the Agricultural empowerment of farmers, women and young Adults in Nigeria in order to increase foods sufficiency and sustainable employment for women and youths in the agricultural sector. NAAEP has been a grassroots organisation that trains and empowers farmers in mechanised farming system, while facilitating business loans, accessibility to farm implements, and the harvesting and marketing of their end product both locally and internationally.