We paused our services to you to agree with Ecocarrier Inc. on how to serve you better.

Today, we resume serving you having agreed with Ecocarrier.

Recall that we give rainwater harvesting systems, toiletsreusable sanitary towels and medical services (gifts) to all villages and schools (nominees) that members of public (MOP) nominate for the gifts –– we give one nominee per calendar week therefore, on a calendar week, we give one of the gifts to a nominee that, at start of the week, has engaged with brand(s) the most (compared to engagement by other nominees).

Like other MOP, you engage with brand(s). You post brand(s) that you engage with and, you #WasteNoEngagement –– you ensure that all engagements-with-brands by you and your friends and relatives support your nominee. You share your nomination with your friends and relatives anywhere in the world for them to support you in engaging with brand(s) in support of the nominee.

Through us, Ecocarrier extends its Social Edification Projects. Before joining with us, the Ecocarrier Social Edification Projects were limited to development of technology as cloud-based managed services to engender social good relative to 3 tenets, namely:

  • raising the digital consciousness of general population
  • contributing to meeting the UN SDG (Sustainable Development Goals)
  • building kinder, more equitable, more enlightened society

Ecocarrier is a Canadian private Ontario corporation formed in 1997. It is an over the top (OTT), mobile virtual network enabler (MVNE) and provider of wholesale carrier voice services and managed services to retailers of telecom services. It has been a leading wholesale carrier service provider to both Tier1 and Tier2 operators worldwide for voice call termination into Africa (20+ countries).

Ecocarrier Digital Division designs, develops, produces and supports cloud-based managed mobile digital services in worldwide markets including augmented reality (AR)-, virtual reality (VR)- and mixed reality (MR)-enabled apps, games and song-with-videos.

Ecocarrier currently has business presence in various countries including Spain, Morocco, Kenya, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Morocco, UAE, India, Mexico for our mobile digital services.