People are water starved and schools don’t have toilets. As a result girls have to drop out of school as soon as they start menstruating. This is so unfair –– lack of basic facilities, and just being born a girl, are enough to keep families locked in poverty for generations.

    To change this, Ms Imelda Wasike wants reusable sanitary towels for about 400 girls of St. Triza Mundere Girls’ Secondary School

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    2 replies
    1. Janet
      Janet says:

      I couldn’t agree more, congratulations to Ms Imelda Wasike a great path you’re undertaking let’s support the girl child. The county and subcounty in question is highly affected by illetracy due to school drop outs and poverty in general.

      • Lawrence
        Lawrence says:

        Thanks for your comment. Please post cause about the others in the county that are in needs similar to St Triza. Use Ms Wasike’s format to post your cause. Remember to work with Ms Wasike, share her post as widely as you can


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