sdgSUPPORTERS, where readers & Brands Do Good

Imagine a newspaper section where a brand’s success can be measured by its good deeds, wouldn’t a brand want to do more good deeds? …And if a reader of the section can see how much good they create by reading the section, wouldn’t the reader read the section severally to create more good?

sdgSUPPORTERS is a people first section of Friday Nation and Standard offline newspapers. The section, being compiled by WPP-Scangroup Kenya, creates a direct economic link between consumers, brands, and social good deeds. Like a typical newspaper section, sdgSUPPORTERS informs readers and connect buyers and sellers. But what sets it apart is that each edition of the section informs about another village or school that has already received water, toilets and reusable sanitary towels. When scanned with phone cameras, adverts in the section play on the phone screens messages about schools / villages that will also receive water, toilets and towels –– click to see the brand, Nairobi Waldorf School, that is on photo above. 

To do good as a reader of the section:

– Click to Post a Cause tonominates a school or village for sdgSUPPORTERS Project. Title of your post shall be “sdgSUPPORTERS – (name of the school or village). At end of Post a Cause is a provision for you to widely share your post for transparency and accountability.

– On your phone, click GooglePlay or AppStore to install free PizzzAR to be able to see on your phone screen 7 video replies to your nomination when you scan with your phone camera adverts in sdgSUPPORTERS –– click to see how replies play on phone screens. 

– By sms or WhatsApp (+254704415723), claim what you nominated for, on the day when your 7th reply is conveyed, to make RaHa bring to the nominee what you nominated for.

– Soon after your nominee gets what you nominated for, you get a domestic rainwater harvesting tank/barrel/butt for your home. You get this once, even though you may nominate several schools/villages in separate posts.

sdgSUPPORTERS, Where Readers & Brands Do Good!

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  1. Anne Joy Penda
    Anne Joy Penda says:

    I am impressed with your organization’s initiative and I love the fact that it has girlchild’s interest at heart. I will be so pleased to be part of the bandwagon that urgitates for the girls’ welfare through providence of the basic needs which is key to human life.


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