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Do you know there is a child who has to interrupt her studies due to lack of sanitary towels? Or sacrifices precious learning time to carry water to school? Yet another is facing severe drought?

Change this today! 

Simply open this post on your phone and click GooglePlay or AppStore to install PizzzAR for free.

Sms / WhatsApp (+254704415723), comment on this post, email (…; about a water-starved / toilet-

less / sanitary-towel-less school / village to nominate them for sdgSUPPORTERS WasteNoAds! Project.

7 video replies to your nomination play on your phone screen when you point some adverts in sdgSUPPORTERS WasteNoAds! with your phone camera. sdgSUPPORTERS WasteNoAds! is a section of Friday Nation and Standard newspapers to be compiled by WPP-Scangroup Kenya when you nominate. 

On the day you watch your 7th reply, sms / WhatsApp (+254704415723) to claim what you nominated for and your nominee gets what you nominated for.

Soon after your nominee gets what you nominated for, you get a domestic rainwater harvesting tank/barrel/butt for your home.  

So what are you waiting for? Install PizzzAR for free, nominate and spread joy with your phone today.

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