Oyugis got clean, healthy water due to RaHa rainwater harvesting. The water is stored in hygienic tanks to give pure water even in dry times.

For years, the women and children in the village have had to travel 4 hours and 20 kilometers (12.4 miles) to have access to water. Even then, the water is not of good quality. It is dirty and comes from the same source local people use for bathing and clothes washing. It often carries germs and disease.

When women must travel hours to get water— and take many trips, they cannot be at home to help their family or to do income-producing work. This keeps them in poverty.

When children must fetch water, they miss school. Without an education, they cannot become productive members of society or be prepared to help their parents in their old age.

Following United Nations Resolution A/RES/64/292, advertisers are taking a stand to improve living conditions and bring safe water closer to such villages. They are pleased to join with RaHa to solve this water problem.