Point / click at name or image of Nominee that you Care about

Global members of public continuously point at the nominees below and, every week we select 11 people for free medical services and one village/school for water, toilets or towels. The 11 people and the one village/school are nominees with the highest points at start of the respective week — pointing determines when (not if) a nominee gets what they are nominated for.

From wherever you are (Asia, North America, South America, Europe, Australia, Africa and Antarctica, Zealandia), please point at the nominee(s) you care about — although pointing makes little difference to your day, it enables us to give to ALL nominees in a TRANSPARENT manner.

If the household(s), school(s) and village(s) you care about have not been nominated, please nominate household(s) for free medical services or nominate school(s) and village(s) for RaHa Systems, Towels or Toilets.