Who Do You Want UHC Premiums For?

Many people are excluded from quality health care coverage –– and cost of healthcare for an average person in rural and peri urban areas is twice that of his/her average urbanised compatriot.

This is so unfair –– lack of healthcare coverage is enough to keep families locked in poverty for generations.

End this NOW !

It is Easy !

Fill in the form below to nominate for UHC Premiums:

  • Your Name(s) –– if you don't want your name published, please type "Anonymous"
  • PROJECT NAME –– in the name, use only first name of the main person that you care about
  • Is this a nomination of a nuclear family of 4, YES or NO? If YES, a AfyaPoa Provider will contact you for details. For non-Kenya nominees, local provider of product similar to AfyaPoa will contact you for details.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, png, Max. file size: 128 MB.
    3. Click below on "Accelerate UHC with Receipts ...&c" or on "Accelerate UHC with Garbage" –– whichever is most convenient for you –– to post this nomination.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

A nuclear family of 4 members in Kenya gets AfyaPoa, CLICK TO SEE DETAILS. Nominees elsewhere get similar products.

If the nuclear family in above has more or less than 4 members, add to your nomination more people that are related to the nuclear family (in order for your nomination to have 11 people). Kenyan Nominees get WoteAfya provided by HK, CLICK TO SEE DETAILS. Nominees elsewhere get similar products.

The only other thing you will do to support this cause is to just use your phone camera to point at logos and or barcodes that you keep seeing around you. These are the same logos and or barcodes on garbage you collect anywhere (in Africa, America, Asia, Europe &c); or, on packagings of products you purchase anywhere (in Africa, America, Asia, Europe &c), on packagings you dispose of, on flyers, posters, note pads, business cards, receipts, cheque leaves, adverts …&c.

We will select 15 people every week and we will pay medical coverage premiums for them (in other words, RaHaSolutions will buy medical cover products for 15 people every week).

The pointing also helps in the weekly selection.

Alternatively, click to Fund UHC Acceleration. Your money will be used in publishing adverts for inviting others to nominate for UHC Premiums.