Oiti-Inkirikishi Community Tank Refurbished

Oiti’s Jackson S. Ole Kisimir requested Kadu Titi to help Oiti and Titi refurbished Oiti’s main water tank. Jackson wanted to be solutions to Oiti’s perennial water problems.

Oiti would like to be a major provider of onions, tomatoes and watermelons. It has 175 farmers, each dedicating 5 acres of their vast arable land to irrigation. They have spring water that flows throughout the year. Because they don’t have adequate water storage tanks, a lot of the water cannot be used effectively.

120 of them already have the spring water piped to their respective farms. 7 of them have water storage tanks that they use to produce watermelon. Kadu helped one of the farmers to build a greenhouse – this was meant to show others that there is more that could be done with their land.

The watermelon production is not doing well because the said tanks, being small, are largely for domestic use. After sharing their stored water with neighbors, they have no water for irrigation during low discharge from the spring.

During high discharge from the spring, when the farmers get extra water, they flood their farms with it, a wasteful and inefficient irrigation method.

The community needs several large community water tanks to boost the refurbished one. They also need boreholes to act as backup to their spring water.

Besides water storage, Oiti needs market for their prospective produce. They need training on how to meet demands. They need to learn how to engage with buyers regarding pricing of their produce. They need to know what to pay for seeds and other farm inputs and equipment.

‘Managing credit and paying off loans should be a major part of training for the villagers’, Ole Kismir asserts.