Offline 4Good marketplace (illustrated in photo above) is now similar to the online 4Good marketplace.

While everyone can become a 4Good Activist, 4Good has been specially designed to meet the needs of the new generation’s social consciousness because Gen Y&Z want to change the world. This generation is a new breed of open-minded, socially-conscious and world-centric individuals who question the status quo and the way our society works. They realize that some traditional norms simply don’t fit into the hyper-informed, creative and technological age anymore and that things need to change…quickly.

4Good will provide an Activist Marketplace that just does that, so they can make sure our world changes 4Good! is a people first online marketplace that creates a direct economic link between Consumers, Brands and Social good deeds. We chose to create a marketplace because it’s the center of our society and 4Good aims to be just that. That’s where we can best create change, whether it is the way we work, live or even relate to each other, we must make sure that these changes turn into the right direction.


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