Nephat Gets Proactive Free Medical Services

Nephat Imboyoka (in photo) is a 51 years old man from Kakamega County, Lurambi sub-county, Butsotso North ward.

He was nominated for free medical services by Fabius Ambrose, and he (Nephat) now get proactive free medical services.

Every 3 months SASAdoctor checks on Nephat to see that he is keeping well. SASAdoctor does this (checking) through Fabius, a clinical officer, because Nephat does not use his phone well enough to benefit fully from the free medical services.

If Nephat falls sick, Fabius will contact SASAdoctor. And, during interaction among SASA, Fabius and Nephat, they agree on action to take so as to determine Nephat’s condition and to prescribe treatment/medicine.

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