Nairobi Waldorf School Brought Clean Water to Kavililo Through RaHa

Nairobi Waldorf School transported borehole equipments from Nairobi to Kavililo village. They also provided manual labour after experiencing how water was fetched on donkeys before the borehole was developed.

This did not cost Waldorf in the sense that such social engagements are a lesson provided in Waldorf. Besides raising funds for procuring material and equipment required for various social activities, Waldorf pupils engage in unskilled labour required for the activities. Waldorf raises children as holistic human beings; children who cannot expect to see fundamental changes in society, if they are not willing to put themselves into motion.

Regarding Kavililo, Waldorf responded to United Nations General Assembly Resolution A/RES/64/292, which calls for financial resources, help in capacity-building and technology transfer to help to provide safe, clean accessible and affordable drinking water and sanitation for all.