Michael Nominated For Free Medical Services

A good community health worker / volunteer, Jane Njambi Mbare, nominates Michael Wanyoro Wanjohi (in photo) for free medical services. Michael is in Muiringo village, nearest to Muiri Shopping Center, Gatukuyu town, Gatundu North sub-county, Kiambu County.

Sr. Refnata Alfred is proposed to be the closest nurse who can be paid to visit and serve Michael on demand.

Michael was physically stable until 2020 when he became unable to provide for his family. The wife was psychologically affected and later died. Michael was left alone lacking basic needs and in year 2021 was affected with jiggers which has led to his health deterioration.

He has bowel incontinence after unknown villagers sodomised him.

He has no livelihood leading to malnourishment. He relies on good Samaritans for basics for survival.

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