Start Supporting the Village/School

Enable your phone to support, click;

Now that you have PizzzAR on your phone and you have received from us email regarding the village/school that you care about, go to the email, cut the whole of sentence in the email and sign in PizzzAR. Paste on ‘Username’ (in PizzzAR) the whole sentence that you cut from the email –– this will help us in matching your support with the village/school that you care about. In other words, ensure that your ‘Username’ in PizzzAR is exactly same as title regarding school/village that you care about.

From now on,:

    • whenever you see any adverts that are related to any of logos below and or whenever you see any of the logos [on computer and phone screens, on ATM receipts (back & front), receipts from swipe machines (back & front), other receipts, cheques, stickers, notepads, business cards, newspapers, products…]; click on PizzzAR and scan with the phone camera the adverts and or the logos (on the receipts, cheques, stickers, products…) in favour of the village/school that you care about.START WITH LOGOS BELOW –– the logo(s) are refined and trimmed versions of your photos.

Consequently, global members of public (MOP) would:

    • scan logos and ads in favour of the the school/village whenever they see the logos and ads on computer and phone screens, on newspapers, on products, on notepads, business cards, packaging, receipts, stickers, vouchers…

During the crowd scanning above, you will see captivating video(s) ready to play on your phone screen ––  enjoy the video(s) as you support your cause.

NOTE: Scanning by you, your friends and relatives determines when (NOT if) the village/school gets one of the gifts.