To Whom it May Concern
MARCH 24, 2020



This is for your information ahead of further discussion –– we prepare to meet you for any explanations that you may require from us.

On healthcare, coronavirus equalises you and villages in least developed countries (LDCs) and lower-middle-income countries (LMICs) –– you and the villages need our healthcare facility named MRESENCE TeleCare™.

You need it because your PRESENCE in healthcare facilities and PRESENCE of your doctors around you must, more than ever before, be minimal; the villages need it because PRESENCE of doctors and healthcare facilities is very minimal in the villages. 

Please get it now for free for you and for a village that you care about. Besides  making your doctor MRESENT around you all the time, MRESENCE TeleCare™ makes your customers / employees / employers / students / teachers /…. MRESENT around you, all the time. 


We give MRESENCE Telecare™, rainwater harvesting systems, toilets and reusable sanitary towels (the gifts) to villages and schools that members of public (MOP) nominate for the gifts.

We are able to give to ALL nominees because we weave the giving into the fabric of daily lives –– like advertising (by brands) and seeing of logos & ads (by MOP) i.e.:

  • In favour of the nominees, MOP just crowd scan any logos & ads that MOP see –– on phones, MOP do the crowd scanning with our cloud-based and managed mobile phone digital service. 
  • At start of every calendar week, we identify a nominee favoured by the largest crowd scanning and we give one of the gifts to the nominee during the week. 

Therefore, you would nominate a village or school for MRESENCE TeleCare™ and you would:

  • choose logos & ads to scan and scan the logos & ads in favour of the school/village whenever you see the logos & ads on computer and phone screens, on newspapers, on products, on notepads, business cards, packagings, receipts, stickers, vouchers…
  • ask your family and friends / customers / employees… –– who could be anywhere on the globe –– and villagers or managers of the school to do same (you would even use SMS, WhatsApp… to send photos of the logos & ads to those that cannot access the logos & ads).

Consequently, global MOP would:

  • scan the logos & ads in favour of your nominee whenever MOP see the logos & ads on computer and phone screens, on newspapers, on products, on notepads, business cards, packaging, receipts, stickers, vouchers…
  • ask their family and friends –– who could be anywhere on the globe –– to do same (they even use SMS, WhatsApp… to send photos of the logos & ads to those that cannot access the  logos & ads).

If you cannot nominate, you can start crowd scanning in favour of villages and schools that have already been nominated.

You and your doctor get free MRESENCE TeleCare™ soon after you start the crowd scanning above. All in the crowd scanning above and their doctors get free MRESENCE TeleCare™ soon after they join in the crowd scanning.

Due to the weaving above, our giving is a truly growing activity. 


On one end, MRESENCE TeleCare™ adds value to villages’ service providers who are current government medical centres, rural tele-clinics (emerging due to unemployment), diagnostic labs & peri-urban clinics that subscribe to the system.

On another end, MRESENCE TeleCare™ serves to create opportunity of generating additional revenue for individual registered doctors and medical facilities in urban areas around the globe that subscribe to the system. To some registered doctor and medical facilities, MRESENCE TeleCare™ creates opportunity to volunteer services.

We negotiate and agree with the subscribers on payment terms and conditions –– this applies to the nominated schools and villages only.

The special functional features that are useful to each MRESENCE TeleCare™ session are:

  • Unique functional capability for SWIS (See What I See) & TWIT (Touch What I Touch)
  • White-boarding function: the specialist can use his mouse to draw on the screen of his PC running MRESENCE, or use his finger to draw on the screen of his Smartphone running MRESENCE. Both the therapist on one end of the remote interaction and the care giver at the other end of the interaction can use the white boarding function for drawing on the screen and on each other’s drawings.
  • Native Language Chat in text and speech with automatic translation in real time. In other words, all parties in MRESENCE session each speaking a different language can converse with one another each hearing the other party’s speech in the language of their choice.
  • All the multi-media interactions in a MRESENCE session is automatically recorded for review, accountability and archived as evidence for use in posterity.
  • Medical instruments that are integrable with the USB Type C Port of Smartphone or Tablet, Smartphones and/or Tablet running the MRESENCE Native App for use with Android or iOS and Healthcare Service Giver and the Healthcare Service Provider.

MRESENCE differentiates itself as being purpose-designed for large scale service provision and a cloud-based and managed end-to-end service platform, seamlessly integrating components of healthcare delivery at the ground level, with a reach in rural areas.


In LDCs & LMICs; 70% of the population lives in rural and peri urban areas; 95% doctors, 75% dispensaries and 95% hospitals are in urban areas; 60-80% private practitioners are semi or un-qualified; and, absenteeism rate at government rural clinics can be as high as 60%.

For the villagers, who pay for ~99% of healthcare costs out-of-pocket, healthcare expense is approximately twice the urban population healthcare expense. This is mainly because an average rural patient travels very late in disease-cycle to urban areas for healthcare  –– by the time of the forced travel, the patient must, at a minimum, be accompanied by a caregiver.

There is a huge demand-supply gap for the healthcare in villages. The largest village healthcare provider is a fragmented set of un-organised un/semi-qualified private practitioners. Government institutions lack efficiency and equipment, NGO institutions are heavily dependent on donor funds and they lack systemic scaling.

Healthcare in urban areas, is helping, but still cannot address rural primary care needs –– ailments must be detected and treated much earlier in the disease cycle.

Viable business model & healthcare is required.


In this context, MRESENCE TeleCare™ brings high-standard urban healthcare to villages.

MRESENCE TeleCare™ effectively and cost- and time-efficiently augments the skill-set of current rural medical service workers with the expertise and resources of established healthcare system of the cities.

This solution is designed and built to make available a remote healthcare that:

  • works on the limited infrastructure and scarce human & material resources in rural areas.
  • can be operated even by a care giver not trained in healthcare provision
  • is free of charge to villages and village schools
  • supports each component of primary healthcare delivery

The indigenously developed RaHa Solutions; powered by MRESENCE, a cloud-based and managed mobile digital service of Ecocarrier Inc., a Canadian private corporation; enables real time transmitting of basic physiological parameters like electrocardiogram, temperature, blood-pressure, oxygen saturation, and heart, lung sounds, and other patient’s vital information to a remote doctor anywhere in the world for preliminary diagnosis.

The solution involves high-definition video conferencing among doctors, caregivers and patients that works at bandwidths available with mobile data service network commonly known as 3G and 3,5G.

The conferencing also works on satellite-based internet access with sufficient bandwidth.

Images captured –– of patients’ conditions such as the inflammation in the throat, examination of eyes, as in the case of dermatology and/or ENT –– using cameras of Smartphones running MRESENCE app are transmitted as video stream in high-resolution over the Internet through MRESENCE System to hospitals and laboratories where doctors and specialists make diagnosis and prognosis and give prescriptions.

Transmission of read-out vital signals –– of patients’ health condition –– from medical instruments are also transmitted in wholesome integrity through the MRESENCE System.

The MRESENCE System meets HiPAA compliance and has built-in fail-safe provision.

A person with basic literacy –– typically a high school graduate –– can operate MRESENCE with very minimal training even though training processes are a part of the technology itself.

MRESENCE enables multi-media interactions among multiple parties who are geographically dispersed in ways that approximate PRESENCE would do, in terms of efficacy and efficiency of work operation.

MRESENCE TeleCare™  has evolved to become a service platform that caters to multiple healthcare service providers in the ecosystem consisting of the village telemedicine centres (emerging organically), mobile healthcare workers (emerging due to current huge unemployment in LDCs & LMICs), diagnostic centres, clinics, pharmacies and secondary/tertiary care units. It has the making of  becoming the largest healthcare network in the world.

Through MRESENCE TeleCare™, the ecosystem delivers an efficient, meaningful, healthcare service that engenders a kinder, more equitable and more enlightened healthcare community –– MRESENCE TeleCare™ will be the access point for 85% of the rural population to, over the next five years, realizing the provision of  high quality and free healthcare.

Sincerely yours,

RaHa Team Members