People are water starved and schools don’t have toilets. As a result girls have to drop out of school as soon as they start menstruating. This is so unfair –– lack of basic facilities, and just being born a girl, are enough to keep families locked in poverty for generations.

Therefore, Kilima Camp wants you to propose villages and schools for water, toilets and sanitary towels from RaHa.

Proposing as follows is cost-free and easy.

STEP 1: click on next image to post about the beneficiary.

STEP 2: Tell Friends

Tell your friends and family to join your cause. Remember to tell them to tell their friends and family to join your cause –– the school/village gets water/toilets/towels when your post is shared more that other posts are.


Your friends and your friends’ friends join your cause by sharing your post.

If a school/village is to get water/toilets/towels now, and your post is one of two posts so far, and yours has been shared twice while the other post has been shared once; your school gets.

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