In many parts of the globe, people are water starved and schools don’t have toilets. As a result girls have to drop out of school as soon as they start menstruating. This is so unfair. Lack of facilities, and just being born a girl, are enough to keep families locked in poverty for generations because we all know the only way out of poverty is education. That is why Raha solutions came up with #WasteNoAds, a unique way to help children go to school.

The following is how to #WasteNoAds

Assume that your name is Nairobi Waldorf School. Assume also that you want to publish this advert…

Publish it in SDGSUPPORTERS, a supplement of leading newspapers…

You publish it in SDGSUPPORTERS in order for another village/school to get this rainwater harvesting tank (in photo) when you publish 7 of your ads. Note that the tank is marked with your name. The village/school would get sun-drying toilets or reusable sanitary pads or borehole or…as alternative to rainwater harvesting tank (in photo).

And, each ad in SDGSUPPORTERS has a video that plays on phones whenever the phones are pointed at them (ads). Members of public (MOP) who identify, and tell us, about schools/villages in need of water, toilets and sanitary towels point their phones at ads in SDGSUPPORTERS to see our responses (see our response to a Mr. Kamau at end of the video below).

The MOP cannot avoid searching for, and pointing their phones at, your ads because, if it didn’t have Mr Kamau’s responds, it would have video response to any other MOP (other than the response to Mr Kamau).

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