Generating Direct Action

The sole purpose of DuGut™ is to generate sustainable action and help solve our worlds’ problems.  Large Charities are stockpiling funds to support the continuation of their own bureaucratic organizations. This means that a large percentage of YOUR donation is not being spent fixing the problem you choose to solve. Therefore, there is little trust in these Charities anymore.

These trust issues are the main reason that the younger generations are simply not donating money to charities. Traditional methods are simply no longer working anymore to solve our society’s problems.

Maybe you are one of these people who no longer donates, and maybe you are not. Regardless, we knew if we wanted as many people to take part in the solution as possible, we had to make the DuGut™ App easy, fun, and FREE for everyone, and above all we wanted to create instant gratification, with Real Sustainable Action. This means that if you engage with a Brand through our Brand Actions™ you know exactly why you are doing it and at the end of the quest, you have taken Real Action!

Changing your own actions is important, but together we can create waves and make Real Impact on a global scale. Take a look at the video below, if you have not done so yet, to understand how DuGut™ App will make this concept work in real life.

Every Brand wants to gain your loyalty. They spend enormous amounts of money to get your attention. Brands also know that today’s consumers want them to conduct their business in a more responsible way, and that we no longer respond to Green-Washing tactics. Today, sustainability is on every Brands Agenda!

The DuGut™ App appeals to that sustainability agenda and is purposely designed to use their engagement methodologies to support Real Sustainable Action, like planting a tree, funding carbon credits, removing plastic from the ocean, or helping a kid in need get food, water or education.We only work with organizations that take real action. 

By engaging with Brands through our app, YOU are not the one paying for sustainable change. The DuGut™ App just gives you the ability to take Real Action. By lowering the threshold for everybody to take action we can increase how often it happens. When you have some spare time on the bus or train, in the coffee shop line or when you’re at home and bored, you can pick up your phone and make a Real Difference… Do good with DuGut™!

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