Dugut Marketplace

Dugut market place is off- and on-line platform that appeals to Brand Activism and CSR and creates a direct economic link between Brands, Consumers and Social Good Deeds. Like every other marketplace, we connect buyers and sellers –– what set us apart is that we use Ai and blockchain to stimulate giving to grassroots causes that drive real action.

We give rainwater harvesting systems, toiletsreusable sanitary towels and MRESENCE TeleCare™ (gifts) to all villages and schools that are nominated for the gifts by consumers –– for MRESENCE TeleCare™, consumers specify rural government medical centres, rural tele-clinics, rural diagnostic labs & peri-urban clinics in or around the villages/schools. 

We give one village/school per calendar week therefore, on a calendar week, we give one of the gifts to a school/village that, at start of the week, has seen adverts in print newspapers, shopped and or disposed of waste the most (compared to other villages/villages).

Consumers see adverts in print media. They shop and dispose of waste. Therefore, a consumer, for example, would nominate a school or village for MRESENCE TeleCare™ and help his/her nominee get the gift as early as possible.


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