In collaboration with Bete Yisrael International Organization(BYIO), 58 families have been identified and earmarked to receive Sani Solar sanitation units in a semi urban settlement called Mofolo in Soweto Johannesburg, South Africa, The residents of Mofolo are in urgent need of sanitation and BYIO decided to fund and implement a sustainable solution to that problem in form of Sani Solar technology.

A primary school in Kisumu, Kenya got a large RaHa rainwater harvesting system.

Oiti’s Jackson S. Ole Kisimir requested Kadu Titi to help Oiti and Titi refurbished Oiti’s main water tank. Jackson wanted to be solutions to Oiti’s perennial water problems.

Oiti would like to be a major provider of onions, tomatoes and watermelons. It has 175 farmers, each dedicating 5 acres of their vast arable land to irrigation. They have spring water that flows throughout the year. Because they don’t have adequate water storage tanks, a lot of the water cannot be used effectively.

120 of them already have the spring water piped to their respective farms. 7 of them have water storage tanks that they use to produce watermelon. Kadu helped one of the farmers to build a greenhouse – this was meant to show others that there is more that could be done with their land.

The watermelon production is not doing well because the said tanks, being small, are largely for domestic use. After sharing their stored water with neighbors, they have no water for irrigation during low discharge from the spring.

During high discharge from the spring, when the farmers get extra water, they flood their farms with it, a wasteful and inefficient irrigation method.

The community needs several large community water tanks to boost the refurbished one. They also need boreholes to act as backup to their spring water.

Besides water storage, Oiti needs market for their prospective produce. They need training on how to meet demands. They need to learn how to engage with buyers regarding pricing of their produce. They need to know what to pay for seeds and other farm inputs and equipment.

‘Managing credit and paying off loans should be a major part of training for the villagers’, Ole Kismir asserts.

Nairobi Waldorf School transported borehole equipments from Nairobi to Kavililo village. They also provided manual labour after experiencing how water was fetched on donkeys before the borehole was developed.

This did not cost Waldorf in the sense that such social engagements are a lesson provided in Waldorf. Besides raising funds for procuring material and equipment required for various social activities, Waldorf pupils engage in unskilled labour required for the activities. Waldorf raises children as holistic human beings; children who cannot expect to see fundamental changes in society, if they are not willing to put themselves into motion.

Regarding Kavililo, Waldorf responded to United Nations General Assembly Resolution A/RES/64/292, which calls for financial resources, help in capacity-building and technology transfer to help to provide safe, clean accessible and affordable drinking water and sanitation for all.

Oyugis got clean, healthy water due to RaHa rainwater harvesting. The water is stored in hygienic tanks to give pure water even in dry times.

For years, the women and children in the village have had to travel 4 hours and 20 kilometers (12.4 miles) to have access to water. Even then, the water is not of good quality. It is dirty and comes from the same source local people use for bathing and clothes washing. It often carries germs and disease.

When women must travel hours to get water— and take many trips, they cannot be at home to help their family or to do income-producing work. This keeps them in poverty.

When children must fetch water, they miss school. Without an education, they cannot become productive members of society or be prepared to help their parents in their old age.

Following United Nations Resolution A/RES/64/292, advertisers are taking a stand to improve living conditions and bring safe water closer to such villages. They are pleased to join with RaHa to solve this water problem.