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Link Between Consumer, Brands & Social Good Deeds

We weave giving into everybody’s daily lives –– we create an economic link between consumers, brands and social good deeds. Currently, we weave giving of water, toilets, medical services and reusable sanitary towels to villages and schools into three things that we do daily: looking at adverts, shopping and disposing of waste. Shopping is the most […]

Moving to Mresence

We are moving to MRESENCE, where we will still chat with you the ordinary way. During chatting, we will share with you our phone/computer screens if need be. We will illustrate in drawings and scribblings on white boards during the chat, for clarity. We are moving to MRESENCE because it is our main tool for providing […]

AND it pays to be good

It should pay to be good, and it does. It help to shape an image  –– for villages, towns, cities and countries –– that makes a lasting and positive impression on local people and visitors. In today’s climate of social and political upheaval, it is clear that what is expected of brands and companies is […]


When it comes to helping the poor, unfortunate, and those negatively affected by our changing world, everybody thinks about non-profit organisations and traditional fundraising. The truth is that traditional methods simply cannot fix the ills of the world, when the total annual donations from America, the biggest contributor in magnitude per capita to worldwide causes, […]

You Don’t Donate, You #WasteNoEngagements

Five more photos have been posted:  3 are photos of NIVEA, Weetabix and EXE products; and 2 are photos of Mpesa stickers (one Mpesa sticker is in fuel filling stations, the other is in Mpesa agents’ shops) Everyone engages with brands, several times in a day. We ask members of public (MOP) to #WasteNoEngagements –– […]

One Photo Posted

This is the only photo that was posted today, making a total of 16 posted so far. Should the 16 photos be of brands that you don’t engage with, post photo of brand(s) that you engage with. We enable phone cameras to report to us whenever you engage with adverts, cheque books, receipts…, which have parts […]

Roadside Public Toilets

We resume discussion on roadside toilets for use free of charge to the public. This resumption follows 16/01/2020 court order that the Cabinet Secretary in charge of transport shall constitute and chair [a] Working Group which will include representatives of [THE COUNCIL OF GOVERNORS, KENYA NATIONAL HIGHWAYS AUTHORITY, KENYA RURAL ROADS AUTHORITY & KENYA URBAN ROADS AUTHORITY], to […]