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Developing Countries Could Be The Best Pandemic Managers

Western health systems have been built around the concept of patient-centered care, but coronavirus infections, like any epidemic, requires a change of perspective toward community-centered care. That model of community care is more typically seen in countries in Africa or parts of Asia, where hospitals are reserved for only the very sick patients and far […]

We Have Invited Doctors & Others to Subscribe to MRESENCE Telecare™

We have just sent out invite below: On healthcare, coronavirus equalises urban areas and villages in least developed countries and lower-middle-income countries –– people in urban areas and the villages need a healthcare facility named MRESENCE TeleCare™. We intend to pay for services rendered through the facility to villages and to those that nominate villages for […]

Blockchain & CSR

Trust is, and has always been, the foundation upon which we make our decisions when transacting with one another. It is how we decide whether the parties that we are interacting with are dependable and likely to fulfil their side of any deal. The social world, by nature, doesn’t trust businesses that make profit. It […]


Charities currently get little donation revenue from Generation Y & Z, yet they continue to pump resources into activities that simply don’t reach this group. Traditional forms of communication and campaigning –– such as chuggers or charity muggers, newspaper adverts and TV commercials –– simply aren’t engaging this huge demographic, and charities are missing out […]

Measure of Social Impact

We encourage you to do good with brands. Note that we don’t discourage brands from supporting you directly. That said, let us do some measurement using a case: Stella Artois, a division of Anheuser-Busch. $3.13 helps provide 5 years of clean water for 1 person in the developing world. Stella Artois will donate $3.13 to […]

Brands Cannot Be Neutral

A recent case is Nike’s decision to feature Colin Kaepernick for 30th anniversary of the company’s famous ‘Just Do It’ campaign. The campaign caused, in parts, feverish debates among consumers and marketers, particularly on social media platforms, but seems to overall pay off for the company. 89% of [us] would switch from a brand without […]

What Then

By combining recognized Marketing Technologies, cutting edge AI, and the efficiency and transparency of Blockchain, we increase and stimulate giving to causes that take real action to help solve the most pressing issues of our society today! We weave giving into the fabric of our daily lives –– we integrate giving into our everyday consumer […]