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This is the first payment we got this month : “Hello Kadu, …Been in the village to bury my grandma. Then my Aunty also passed away. Still at the village. Burial is on Saturday. Will definitely action on the water tank or borehole. You will never know how handy the well is. Kitui is super […]

It’s Period, PERIOD

Shadhika, which supports women-led NGOs throughout India wants UHC Pads for girls in Mumbai’s slum communities. Many of these slums have dire need for sanitary services. They lack toilets, privacy and trash bins. See more details HERE

Follow Up

You may have read our previous updates that we’re participating in fundraising to Help Build Latrines for others –– while giving toilets, reusable sanitary towels, water and medical cover to villages and schools that you care about. We really do need your support, especially your in-kind support. To date, we’ve raised $20.00 CAD but we […]


Today, we are privileged to be a global network of people aiming to provide alternative methods of funding causes –– alternative to traditional funding methods (e.g. public funds, overseas development assistance, individual donors, foundations and CSR). Our story began in 1996.  Back then our founder saw, first-hand, the difficulty some villages had in finding clean water. While on his […]

Peter Contributes $8000

PROVISION OF CLEAN TREATED WATER FOR RUKIDI VILLAGE Peter donates his time in favour of Rukidi thus continues a process of contributing $ 8000 plus 5% of $ 8000 ($ 400). The $ 8000 goes directly to this cause and the $ 400 goes to World Vision. See details “You decide what’s possible. Where others see a […]

Ignatius Contributes Additional $ 8000

WATER FOR SIKULU PRIMARY Having succeeded at starting and securing medical cover for my UHC Premiums nominee, Ignatius now supports Sikulu with small part of his time –– by doing this he continues a process of donating time equivalent to about $ 8000 plus 5% of $ 8000 ($ 400). The $ 8000 goes directly […]