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Awesome Water Filters for Ads

What if, for 7 adverts published in the local leading dailies, a community of 1000 people could get water filter retrofitted to their water source eg borehole, water pounds etc? They Could! See how.

Rain Made Safe for Advertisers

What is companies could get rain water purification facilities, each of the size of a small domestic fridge, for advertising? They Could! Consequently, many in the low income settlements would get plenty of low cost municipal water, especially during rainy season. See how and what the facility is.

Village Water For Adverts

What if a village could get rainwater harvesting system for every 7 adverts published in local leading dailies? They could! Many villages and schools in the villages, currently water-starving, could have close clean water systems, see how.


We are thrilled to announce that we have today submitted to Billion Dollar Business Alliance (BDBA) our offer to build filters next to water ponds that BDBA are currently building in Kenya. Our offer is based on fact that cleaning of water is not part of activities BDBA is doing. They are harvesting rainwater for […]


“Kenya Roads Board acknowledges that the task (RaHa has) been assigned is a nobble one and important” KBR EXECUTIVE DIRECOR Eng. Jacob Z. Ruwa, OGW The assignment referred to is installing SANI SOLAR toilets on roads, to be used free of charge, in line with recent directive by the Kenya Ministry of Health aiming to […]


Businesses respond to motivations. Businesses operate as part of communities and hold as much of a stake in supporting local community amenities and promoting civic pride as the locals themselves. Family businesses and independents, for instance, may have connections with their local area going back generations. SANI SOLAR public toilets will make such businesses to […]


Businesses operate to turn profit, and customer footfall is the lifeblood of retail and leisure sectors. Yet however alluring the window display, however good the sales pitch, people need first to feel drawn into the area. People respond to, and recognise, areas that show a strong brand image, a sense of civic pride, where it […]