Even with public health insurance available since 1966, only 20% of Kenyans have access to some sort of medical coverage. With the population at over 44 million and rising, it means that as many as 35 million Kenyans are excluded from quality health care –– such a story can be said about access to clean water, toilets and sanitary towels in all low-income countries & lower middle-income countries.

Therefore, RaHa is partnering with you to  Accelerate UHC. Your only role in the partnership is to:

  • nominate or select school(s) or village(s) that you care about for UHC, UHC being  medical cover (for those excluded from quality health care coverage), water (for the water-starved), toilets (for the toilet-less) and or reusable sanitary towels (that also help girls finish school);
  • inform RaHa about logos and barcodes that you frequently see on trash or receipts …&c––  the same receipts that you get after paying for anything anywhere  (Asia, North America, South America, Europe, Australia, Africa and Antarctica, Zealandia); and,
  • point at the trash or receipts …&c with your phone camera. 

Although your role in the partnership would make little difference to your day, it unlocks funding from other corporations that want to Accelerate UHC –– enough funding not only for the UHC you want for your nominee(s)/selectee(s), but also for more causes.

Therefore, RaHa is also:

  • partnering with a children’s fund to donate RaHa Systems and Reusable Sanitary Towels to support the fund’s emergency response to the COVID-19 in South Sudan, Venezuela, … One of RaHa’s obligations in the partnership is to engage you to support the fund, including through fundraising for the Emergency Programme.
  • partnering with the fund to “‘Build a Next and Better Normal’: Oxygen Therapy Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, pneumonia and beyond” –– per target nation, this involves initial analysis of current barriers to, and, securing functional equipment, training health workers and formulating a national oxygen road map while increasing access to amoxicillin dispersible tablets; and,
  • fundraising to  ‘Help Build Latrines’ with World Vision, Canada.

Accelerate UHC, and:

  • your selectee(s)/nominee(s) get UHC that they are nominated for; and,
  • up to 5% of value of the UHC goes to the Emergency Program, the ‘Build a Next & Better Normal’ or the ‘Help Build Latrines’.

Click on ‘Accelerate UHC with Receipts… &c ’ and you will start by selecting and or nominating village(s) and school(s).

Nominees / selectees get medical covers, premiums for which RaHa Solutions pay. From advert below, you see that nominees (in Kenya) currently get 2 types of medical cover, one called ‘WoteAfya’ and the other is called ‘AfyaPoa’. We are looking for similar medical cover in / for other countries.

Nominees / selectees also get reusable sanitary towels

From advert below, you see that nominees / selectees get Sanitrax toilets, which are useable once every 2 minutes.

Nominees / selectees also get Rainwater Harvesting Systems (RaHa Systems), one of which consists of a gutter system, a Zincalume steel water storage tank, a rainwater filter, a leaf separator, a down pipe with calm intake and associated skilled labour –– where rainfall is scarce, nominees get equipped boreholes.

Nominees / selectees have started getting UHC. From informercial below, you can see some beneficiaries. Click on the informercial to read it more easily.

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