4Good is founded by Marketing and Advertising Industry Veterans that have a proven track record and the International Network that comes with it –– see bottom of this page. We operate like a think-tank and have the ear of our industry. We understand advertising and the consumer of today and tomorrow.

As we stimulate Consumers and Brands to Donate to Causes, and cater to everyone that wants to improve their world; we to become a champion of the Activist Generation, Gen-Z , as well as for the smaller (often local) causes that don’t have the network and resources their larger counterparts have.

Our motivation will always be: helping our changing world change4Good, but we are aware that 4Good is not the same for everyone … as long as it’s making the world a better place.

Brand activism is on the rise as companies tap into people’s desire for change. Purpose can be the key to new breakthroughs –– if it’s done right.


If you are an Investor

We run 4Good Marketplace

When it gains a significant user-base, it will become an interesting purchase to everyone that wants to reach Gen-Z. It will be attractive to Marketplaces like Ebay or Amazon and Advertising Groups like: WPP Group, Omnicom Group, Publicis Groupe, Interpublic Group, Dentsu, etc., or to Social Media Platforms such as Facebook, lnstagram, Snapchat etc.

The range of exit strategies could also include taking the company public through an initial public offering (IPO), selling the company to a strategic acquirer, or recapitalising and selling the firm to the man­agement team, also known as a management buyout.

And last but not least, an ICOs and reverse ICOs as an exit strategy.


The pieces of the puzzle are coming together

– Several Investors Interested (Dutch company in proccess of receiving 350K Gov. Funding)

– Social Innovation Fund in Portugal interested to match investment

– HQ set-up in Portugal initiated (Help from board Member that brought Major Company to Portugal and created 200+ jobs

– Relevant Introductions Business Counsel Sustainable Development

– Major Online Retailer/Investor Interested

– Production Company willing to match production budget

– Global Sustainable Business Networks agreed upon collaboration


We Built a Dream-Team.

– Former Global Digital Chief AB lnbev

– Senior Partner Kantar Consulting/WPP

– Chief Strategy HAVAS Korea, Former Global Marketing KIA and Samsung

– Managing Director OFS Merkle – Sr VP Global Enginering and Design Centres VESTAS

– CEO Launchpad Agency Silicon Beach, (Former CEO of Spark PR)

– Founder has been Impact Advisor to President Obama, is Goodwill Ambassador at World Kindness USA and Business Mentor at Singularity University



– Structured US Inc. (SEC and Reg-C Approved)

– Structured BV. (In the process of receiving 350K Euro in Government Funding)

– In the procces of setting-up HQ in Portugal

– Help from Business Counsel Sustainabe Development (Intro to retailers, etc)

– Board Member has set-up in Portugal and created 200+ Jobs

– Owned URLs: 4Good.app, 4GoodApp.com, 4GoodStore.com and 4GoodToken.com

– Web App in Beta-Testing Phase (Includes Ai based Social Accelerator and Blockchain Technology 80%)

– IOS and Android App in Beta-Testing Phase

– First Users (Test Case 300 users and Causes in the US, Kenya and Italy)

– 1.5 Million Causes Listed (Aligned with sustainablility goals)



Innovative Financial plan (Shows a Profit line with a Donation Line)

– Blockchain ICO Website and Whitepaper, ready to go

– First Contract with Major Ad Agency in The Netherlands

– Acces to Top Agencies and Brands

– Contract with Angel Network in Silicon Valley (for Reg-C)

– Extended Global Business Network incl. US Market

– Ready for Investment and roll-out. Business plan, Financial Plan and Offering memorandum