Improved Student Retention

‘The introduction of cost-effective, scalable and context-relevant technologies such as portable toilet and water harvesting systems introduced by RAHA Solutions, along with the integration of hygiene education, contribute to improved student retention, and increase demand for such services.”

Plan International Kenya

Compare the toilets to water closets

Compared to water closets (WCs), the toilets are “better than many water closets”

Antonio Sergio

Temperature in the toilet

Regarding the toilets, “within the cabin (toilet), temperature is lower than outside” the toilet


“There are no bad smells” in the toilet

Regarding the toilets, “there are no bad smells”


I’m happy to be a part of this great effort

I deeply admire the good work Titi is doing. Pure water is so vital for these rural communities.  I’m happy to be a part of this great effort.

Sandy Fox, Arkansas, USA

Thank you Kadu Titi!!

I hail from Kavililo village, Kyome location, Kitui county, in the semi-arid regions of Kenya. Growing up, I witnessed the villagers tread for many kilometers for water. It took many hours to get just 4 twenty-litre jerrycans to their homestead.

One promising morning while driving to work, I was awestruck by a program on air in one of Kenya’s radio stations, promising to give free water tanks, yes free water tanks to communities or schools. I could not wait to reach my office to get in touch with the contact person – Kadu Titi.

That one phone call, today, places lots of smiles to more that 45 households in the village, where a borehole was sank. When all the other water sources in the village run dry, the borehole will yield water and saves the villagers long distance travels they would otherwise take to search for water. On average, the well will yield around 100 20 litre jerrycans of water. This has necessitated the village leadership to ration the number of jerrycans per household to 4 per day, due to the huge demand of clean domestic water.

Villagers can now utilize the time they previously spent on long journeys to fetch water, on other economic activities for the well being of their families and nation building.

Thank you Kadu Titi !!

Grace Mweni – Kavililo village