We have emailed this to Kenya State Department of Interior State Department of Interior Harambee House, Harambee Avenue P.O Box 30510,00100 Nairobi. Tel: +254-20-2227411 Email: ps.interior@kenya.go.ke, ps.pais@kenya.go.ke RE: PROVISION & MAINTENANCE OF TOILETS IN POLICE CHECK POINTS Recently, Kenya Ministry of health issued directive for managing human excreta and urine within service providing areas. Police […]

Yesterday, we formally presented to Kenya ActionAid and Government our intention to line water tank and build toilet in Kyuasini Primary School. ActionAid’s Lawrence Mwachidudu instructed us to do so in a meeting at the school. The meeting was on 12-04-2018 inside the proposed girls’ boarding facility. ActionAid was represented by Lawrence and Catherine Mbiti. […]

In response to our open letter to Kenya Roads Board – PROVISION & MAINTENANCE OF TOILETS ALONG ROADS FOR FREE USAGE – some of you have suggested that SANI SOLAR on the road sides should be seat-less. Our response is as follows. Attitudes towards public toilets have shifted significantly over the last years. Society has […]

Yesterday, we shared this on facebook and we received many of your responses. Such emptying services exist because each of us, especially in Karen, pours 11L of water in toilets, every time we add just 1/2kg of faeces and urine in the toilets –– this is water we don’t have much of. We should not […]

This morning, DW featured SANI SOLAR in news regarding Kenya government directive on free public toilets – banks, hotels, supermarkets and other various establishments have been given one month by the government to provide free sanitation to all their clients.

In the Standard, there is a story that will make you Even It Up now, especially because doing so is cost free to you.

LINER We are please to announce that our USA friend, Climate, Inc., are sending Rivertex® APO670 to Kyuasini Primary School. Climate’s CEO/President, Rex Hayes (in photo), has just written to inform us about this. Rivertex® APO670 has attained full WRAS certification following successful completion of BS6920 testing. The Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) certification is granted […]

LINER We sent measurements of the tank in Kyuasini Primary School to our USA friends, Climate, inc. Climate are currently in processes of sending PVC liner to Kenya for lining the tank. PVC liner and bladder materials have an outstanding lifetime and they are highly resistant to weather impact. Molecular structure provides protection over a long […]

Report by: Anita Lukorito Walk in some schools in Makueni County on a normal school day and you will see poor attendance for girls in comparison to that of boys since most of them are restricted to homesteads to attend to household chores. The situation is such worrying that cases of early pregnancies and early […]