• ...a school that uses treated water in flushing toilets

    Nominate for RaHa Solutions a school (or similar institution) that uses treated water in flushing toilets, gardening, car-washing etc. If your nominee is in a rainy place, we intend to build a rainwater harvesting system for them. If your nominee is in a town with lots of rain, we intend to harvest rainwater from roads and or parking around the nominee.

  • ...for Fire Protection

    Nominate for RaHa Solutions a low-income settlement or school that requires Fire Protection. We intend to build a sprinkler system in the settlement.

    In regions where water is either scarce or where treated water is likely to be used to fight fire, rainwater harvesting can provide the critical water needed for fire protection.

    Design of the sprinkler system has three parts: determination of the water volume needed, the design of sprinkler distribution and the design of the storage and pumping system necessary for sprinkler operation.  It is important to note that the final design will need the approval of the authority having jurisdiction before construction begins.  This may be the local building inspector, fire chief, insurance underwriter, local or state code official, who may possibly modify the code requirements.  So we will get his involvement early in the design process.

    One approach in schools is enabling stored water to flow backward into the gutter system and to overflow the gutters to form a shield of water. This will reduce spread of fire from adjacent buildings or forest fires. This approach could serve as protection for some homes located in heavily forested areas in the event of a fire.

  • Reduce Unemployment

    Nominate to reduce unemployment. We seek to build water collection systems where the system can create more employment opportunities in car-washing, irrigation, winneries and the like.

    We would build the systems for car-washers who will propose how they will secure the systems. The washers will also demonstarte how the systems will increase employment in their respective yards.

    Our other goal is to build the longest lasting water collection systems at the lowest possible cost, so more people would be employed in irrigation, winnery etc. for the longest time possible.

    Yes, with your help, a group would start selling bottled RaHa Rain Water.

    We’ve been told that water from a spring or stream is cleaned as the ground filters the water. Yet, whatever water touches, it becomes. This means most natural sources of water contain metals, bacteria, organic matter like feces and/or pharmaceuticals. Rain offers the best opportunity to collect water from natural sources before water absorbs ground contaminates and unwanted additives.