Stop Wasting Treated Water

Nominate yourself for RaHa Solutions. We intend to decorate your awesome garden/balcony with a barrel/butt. With the barrel/but, you will not only reduce the costs for urban drainage, you will reduce your use of treated water in your home.

One of the many awesome barrels/butts is a high capacity option for your above ground rainwater storage (in photo above). This modular wall tank can be connected together with available connection kit (diverter and filter), allowing you to store as much water needed for any home, business or municipal use.

With a slim shape, smooth surface fit and huge capacity of 795L., this vertical tank is a perfect addition to any landscape or home. Water storage is easy and compact as this tank is smaller than most refrigerators and has a great modern look.

There is a 3/4 inch brass thread for tap connection located on the front at a convenient height for filling watering cans or attaching a hose and on the sides at the bottom, to fit either a pump or connect to other tanks.

The tank has been designed for fitting with available water filters. It comes with a wall bracket for stability.


There are awesome stand pipes and taps that may be alternative to the barrels/butts.

Stop Others from Wasting Treated Water