Nairobi, Kenya, 22nd December 2017– Plan International Kenya and RaHa Solutions have partnered to provide 137 toilets and 45 water harvesting systems to 52 schools and health facilities in 2018. This will help to address the needs and challenges faced by various communities in accessing clean drinking water and decent sanitation. The project valued at € 820,078 envisions to transform the lives of children and communities as a whole and aid in the fulfilment of their human rights.

Plan International, a child centered organization working across the globe has been operational in Kenya since the early 80s focusing on improving the lives of children. During the signing of the contract, Plan International Kenya’s Country Director, Lennart Reinius stated, “Safe and clean drinking water as well access to toilets are two of the most critical factors in ensuring children and communities access their right to good health. The project will help in accelerating efforts towards the attainment of “Sustainable Development Goal 6” (SDG6) on Clean Water and Sanitation.”

In a unique implementation strategy, this project will utilize the public to reach villages through a public nomination process that will see RaHa receiving suggestions on which villages lack water and toilets.  RaHa Founder, Mr. Titi Kadu said that they chose the nomination method because it saves money and connects with communities with real need. “Whenever you nominate for the project, you free funds otherwise spent on field officers. The freed funds are applied in bringing Clean accessible water and toilets to the water starved and to those who may be lacking access to toilets.”

Advertisers’ Opportunity for Visibility

To get the word round, companies will promote the project. First activity of the promotion is branding main parts of the toilet systems and water tanks with logos and or names free of charge. “The reason why we invite advertisers to take up the advertising space is that we cannot have a publicity/marketing budget and several companies are looking for Corporate Social responsibility (CSR) opportunities to leave a positive footprint in communities. By ‘owning’ the tanks or toilets, they get to share the story on their marketing and social media platforms. This is a great opportunity for more people to get to know about the project and help other communities gain access to these vital amenities”.

Since the toilet and water supply systems are new to beneficiaries, we will train them on how to use the systems. Free of charge, the companies will also ‘own’ the various training posters. Consider “Wash the water filters after every 10 years, polite reminder from Kaka– Kaka being one of the companies.

Both Plan International Kenya and RaHa Solutions have expressed confidence that if both State and Non-state actors including the private sector work together, Kenyan children will have a transformed society that guarantees their rights and provides them a decent life.

About Plan International

Plan International is an independent global child rights organisation committed to supporting vulnerable and marginalised children and their communities to be free from poverty. Its operations in Kenya started in 1982 and continues to-date in at least 19 counties.

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